Apple tipped to go green for the iPhone 15

One of our favourite colours from the iPhone 12 looks set to return in the iPhone 15

iPhone 12 in green
(Image credit: Apple)

As we reported last week, Apple is planning to shake up the colour options for the iPhone 15 range this year. We've already heard that the iPhone 15 Pro is likely to ditch the gold colour option and come in dark blue, silver, space black and a new natural titanium shade. 

Now a new report says Apple is using a new colour for the iPhone 15 and the iPhone 15 Plus: light green. That ties in with previous reports that the standard and Plus models this year will come in a choice of black, green, blue, yellow and pink. We'd also expect to see a (PRODUCT)RED version, which donates money to help improve healthcare in places such as sub-Saharan Africa.

It's not easy being green

This time the story comes via two well-known Apple leakers via MacRumors, and the leakers are unsure whether the new green option will be available at launch or, like the yellow iPhone 14, will come along a bit later in the phone's life cycle, most likely in spring 2024. 

Where the yellow option is really quite vivid, the green is apparently a more subtle affair: a lighter, minty shade that's apparently very similar to the green colour option we had in the iPhone 12 pictured above and the iPhone 12 mini. That was a good-looking phone and the green option was a good pick for anybody who wanted a fresh-looking iPhone that wouldn't burn their retinas every time they looked at it – not something you could say about the extremely bright banana phone version.

The closer we get to the iPhone 15 launch event, which we're expecting in two weeks' time on 12 September, the more little leaks like this we're likely to get; the global interest in new iPhones mean that by the time Tim Cook starts speaking, most of the information that can be leaked from the iPhone production lines will have leaked. We've certainly seen enough leaked information and images to put together a pretty detailed picture of what all the iPhone 15 models will do, what they'll cost and what they'll look like. So it'll be interesting to see what if any surprises Apple has managed to keep secret for its showcase.

Carrie Marshall

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