Apple iPhone 12 video shows the drop dead gorgeous 5G phone of our dreams

This Apple iPhone 12 concept design could be the most beautiful phone ever conceived

Apple iPhone 12 video
(Image credit: Muhsin M. Belaal Auckburaully | DBS Designing)

Here at T3 we absolutely cannot wait for the Apple iPhone 12 launch, with the phone already called to come with lightning fast 5G connectivity, powerful next-gen internal hardware, as well as some super slick new iOS 14 software features.

Which is why when we saw this jaw-dropping iPhone 12 video from super talented concept artist Muhsin M. Belaal Auckburaully over at DBS Designing, our heart skipped a beat as, simply put, it is the most beautiful phone design we've ever seen.

The stunning Apple iPhone 12 depicted here not only it incredibly thin and stylish, but also comes with near bezel-less full screen display, an incredibly advanced under-screen front selfie camera, rapid under-screen fingerprint scanner, a lens-stuffed quad rear camera array with Time of Flight (ToF) sensor, wireless charging functionality and, of course, 5G connectivity. 

In addition, while not specified directly (the phone is detailed as containing "2020 technology"), the phone would use Apple's incoming A14 processor, which has just been shown, reportedly, to absolutely crush all competitors in terms of benchmark speeds. Just think of having not only a phone that gorgeous in your pocket, but a phone that gorgeous that also sets new levels of awesome in terms of performance. It is the stuff that smartphone dreams are made of.

It is, quite simply, the sort of hyper-desirable handset that Apple is famed for creating. Everything we've heard so far, though, with much of it coming from renowned Apple analyst and insider Ming-Chi Kuo indicates that unfortunately the real iPhone 12 will not look like this gorgeous render at all.

Indeed, only last week did information break from another famous Apple leaker, Max Weinbach, stated that the Apple was in fact going to use a punch-hole camera on its new iPhones, with its traditional front-facing notch sensors incorporated into it. Obviously, this doesn't tally with the full screen beaut above.

Regardless of its likely inaccuracy, though, what we've got here is surely an avenue Apple should be considering for a future iPhone, as it just feels perfect for the American maker in terms of aesthetic. It's a design that just screams shut up and take my money, so the quicker Apple can hire up Auckburaully the better!

To catch up with everything we currently know about the real Apple iPhone 12, be sure to check out our detailed info roundup.

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