PS5 restock: anyone looking for a console today might finally be in luck

BT is set to drop a number of consoles on October 4th and October 5th

PlayStation 5 console
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Update: BT has now sent out its latest batch of codes for PS5 consoles, with those lucky enough to grab one able to select from disc, digital or various bundles. The store is now out of stock and it does not say when it expects to have more units but you can sign up to be notified when new consoles do arrive in the BT Shop. 

Alternatively, John Lewis is scheduled to receive a shipment of potentially up to 1,000 consoles from next week. Shipments are reportedly due to arrive with John Lewis on Friday, October 15th which should be a great opportunity to grab a PS5. In case you're hoping that stock will drop earlier than that you can check John Lewis PS5 stock here. Otherwise, hit the link early in the day on October 15th as they'll sell out really fast.

Next to this, we now have some dates for GAME's next big restock. This is set to be a big drop and more likely going to contain bundles for the most part. You can check GAME stock here

If you're happy to shop in store, the PS5 Stock UK Twitter account says that Smyths will be taking pre-orders for PS5 Disc and Digital Editions on Tuesday, October 5th. The tweet states: "This will be an in-store pre-order only, with a £20 deposit fee. These pre-orders are expected to be fulfilled around 16th to 20th October."

In the meantime, why not head on over to the official T3 PS5 restock tracker for the latest details of who has stock?

Reading this in the US?

One of the best ways to get hold of a PS5 right now in the US is with GameStop's PowerUp Pro membership. This gives you early access to its restocks for just $15 a year. If you're a Sony Direct subscriber, there are also regular invite-only sales events. In-store sales are also increasing, with Best Buy leading the way. 

We've got all the details on our US restocks on our dedicated PS5 stock guide.  

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A new PS5 restock is set to take place either today or tomorrow, hopefully giving those that have missed out over the previous months a good chance of securing one of the highly coveted consoles. There's one catch, however. You need to have a BT account setup to be able to claim one.

Check for PS5 stock at the BT shop here.

BT has been doing numerous drops since the PS5 launch back in November 2020 but has been increasing its output over the last month or so. The new drop is said to take place between October 4th (today) to October 5th (tomorrow). It's expected to mostly be standard PS5 consoles, so disc only with digital and bundles not available. Those interested will need to redeem their BT customer code to gain access to the buying system once it goes live.

Scheduled to drop sometime in the morning (according to the always reliable PS5 Stock UK Twitter account), BT has a history of setting the stock live anywhere from 8AM BST / 7AM GMT to 10AM BST / 9AM GMT. We recommend keeping an eye on social media and have your code at the ready.

Sony currently has a plethora of games available on PS5, from Deathloop and Returnal to Kena: Bridge of Spirits and Demon Souls. If you happen to miss out on the last generation, there's also the amazing PS Plus collection, filled with must-play games from the PS4. These 20 top titles cost no extra and can be installed immediately, as long as you are signed up to PS Plus

Anyone wanting to get in on the action who is unsure of how to claim a code can head straight over to our BT guide explaining how to do just that. For anyone else that can't make this particular restock, there is always the official T3 PS5 restock tracker, which will give you the latest information 

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