Android tablet users are getting a cool free WhatsApp feature upgrade

If you use WhatsApp and have an Android tablet then you'll love this

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Great news for owners of one of the best Android tablets who also like to use messaging service WhatsApp comes courtesy of confirmation that a companion mode for the app is being rolled out now to beta testers on Google Play.

As reported by wabetainfo, an authoritative source of information on new WhatsApp features, the popular messaging app is getting a "companion mode – tablet support" that allows users to link their WhatsApp account to their Android tablet, before then using it independently of their phone or PC.

As with WhatsApp on PCs, the WhatsApp account is linked, so the report states, by scanning a QR Code, which is generated by opening WhatsApp and navigating to Settings and then Linked Devices. Once the code is scanned the Android tablet will then get synced with the account's messages and contacts.

WhatsApp Android tablet mode

The account linking screen shown off on an Android tablet. Scanning the QR code links the accounts.

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Importantly, it is not just the best Android phones that can benefit from this new Android tablet feature, either, but also any WhatsApp account locked to one of the best iPhones, too. This means even if you have an iPhone mobile but Android tablet, you can sync your WhatsApp account across both devices.

According to the report, up to four devices can be synced with a WhatsApp account, which sounds plenty considering that can now include a desktop PC, laptop and tablet on top of the host phone.

WhatsApp app shown on Android tablet screen

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The T3 take: A great feature upgrade for Android tablet users

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging services on Earth, so the fact that Android tablet users have not been able to message their friends and family on their slate up till now has been far from optimal.

I personally, when running a Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+, have always had to make sure my phone is with me in terms of staying up to date with WhatsApp conversations, which meant switching between two devices at times frequently. So, the idea that soon I'll be able to message people directly on my Android tablet is a great boon.

As the original report notes, this feature has already started landing with WhatsApp beta testers, so I am confident we will see a widespread, public release sooner rather than later. Naturally, when we get word on that public release we'll let you know about it.

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