Amazon's Deliveroo discount deal just landed ahead of Prime Day – claim £7 now

Use the special discount code for £7 off Deliveroo orders of £15 or more as part of Amazon Prime Day promotions

Deliveroo deal for Amazon Prime Day
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Tick tock, that's the sound of the Amazon Prime Day clock counting down for the two-day sale, commencing next Tuesday 16 July. But, as ever with all things 'APD', the sales come flowing thick and fast well ahead of the actual start date. 

And there's already a great Deliveroo promotion for Amazon Prime members, offering a £7 discount on your next two orders (with a minimum spend of £15 – but, let's face it, that's not at all difficult to do anyway!). To benefit from the promotion, however, you'll need the secret code to enter at Deliveroo's checkout. 

£7 off Deliveroo orders with Amazon Prime subscription:PRIMEDAY24

£7 off Deliveroo orders with Amazon Prime subscription: enter code PRIMEDAY24 at checkout

Okay, so it's not that secret a code: simply enter 'PRIMEDAY24' at Deliveroo's checkout and you'll receive £7 off an eligible order. It works more than once, so you can benefit from the next order after that too. 

The tie-in with Deliveroo and Amazon Prime isn't anything new, however, as a Prime subscription nets you Deliveroo Plus (Silver) as part of the package anyway. That freebie bags you free delivery on eligible orders, and saves you the typical £3.49 monthly fee you'd otherwise have to pay. 

That's the value of Amazon Prime: not only can you get several quid off your next couple of take-away orders, it'll be cheaper thanks to the delivery perk, not to mention you also benefit from Amazon Prime Video and free shipping for eligible Amazon orders. Not only is it the best streaming service, it's the a great service package to boot. 

And when you do settle down with that £7-discounted Deliveroo order, be sure to check out the best shows on Amazon Prime Video this July – there's a whole bunch of goodness to watch this month, from shows to movies, and that's almost always going to be better with that fresh Deliveroo sat on your plate too. Keep an eye on T3's Early Prime Day deals, too, as the bargains are already coming – and you may well want to order a side of tech with your food. 

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