Amazon Prime Video just got a cool free streaming upgrade

Prime Video subscribers are going to love it

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Good news for those who subscribe to Amazon Prime Video comes courtesy of the fact that Watch Party, the feature that allows streamers to watch content with a select group of their friends or family, is now rolling out to all devices that support the Prime Video app.

Amazon Prime Video is one of the best streaming services on the market, so the addition of this functionality upgrade will help take its offering up a level for many people. So, what's changed?

As reported by TechRadar, Watch Party was previously only available as a feature on the Amazon Prime Video iOS and Android apps, as well as its computer desktop application. However, this new upgrade means the feature will be available on everything from the best 4K TVs to the best Amazon Fire TV Sticks and onto the PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles.

This will no doubt be very welcome news to millions of Prime Video subscribers who have previously liked the idea of making use of Watch Party, but have been put off by having to do so on a small screen.

I personally watch the vast majority of Amazon Prime Video content on my 55-inch LG C1 OLED TV, and if I were to hold a communal watch-a-long with Watch Party it is on that TV that I'd want to do it. This new development indicates that will now be possible.

Amazon Prime Video Watch Party

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Watch Party is increasingly important

I really think these communal watch functions are becoming more and more important to subscribers, as the current cost of living crisis means going to the cinema for many is becoming a rare treat, rather than a weekly event.

Watch Party, though, lets you replicate a bit of that communal watching experience but from the comfort of your own home, watching content you've already paid for with your friends or family.

Disney+ also has this communal watching feature, called GroupWatch, and for me at least I feel any streaming service that wants to be taken seriously should have a similar feature.

The age of streaming and a la carte content has been great for choice, but not so much for communal watching experiences, as people watch the latest episode of new TV shows or movies whenever they want, not at the time it is broadcast, like in the old days of cable TV.

So by adding in these features the streamer can rekindle that for the subscriber, with groups of friends, say, agreeing to all watch the next episode of The Boys Season 3 at the same time to make more of an event out of it.

And, with the competition between streaming services increasing continuously right now, any extra string in a bow will be useful for retaining and gaining subscribers.

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