Amazon Prime Day 2020 to be delayed, but you can still expect HUGE discounts

Although Prime Day could be pushed back, this is still a great time to net yourself an Amazon device

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 In any normal year, we imagine Amazon Prime Day 2020, the 48-hour shopping extravaganza, would have run in early July. However, as everyone who’s been stuck inside for the last few weeks knows, this year is no normal year. is postponing its major shopping extravaganza, Prime Day, until at least August, according to a report published by Reuters (opens in new tab). The event is well-known for Amazon’s sweeping discounts across the board, especially in regards to its own range of devices like Echo smart speakers and Fire tablets, but is obviously being pushed back due to the ongoing pandemic. 

We were initially expecting things to go ahead as planned: as late as 27 March 2020, it seemed that Amazon Prime Day was still going ahead in July, at least according to leaked emails obtained by Business Insider (opens in new tab). However, that appears no longer to be the case: in the middle of a global health crisis, the landscape can shift on a daily, almost hourly basis.

We could still be seeing loads of discounts on Amazon devices, as the shopping site is expected to lose more than $100 million in revenue during the summer period. According to the same Reuters report, Amazon has allegedly over-ordered five million devices for Prime Day, only to have to delay the event.

Amazon Prime Day

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With Echo Shows, Echo Dots, Amazon Fire TV sticks, Fire HD tablets and Kindles collecting dust in warehouses, you can expect sweeping discounts across Amazon products as it prepares to cut prices and promote deals in order to offload its excess stock. 

Internal meeting notes allegedly seen by Reuters offered the publication a look into how Amazon is pivoting away from its usual lines of promotion. We know Amazon is prioritising what it deems as "essential" purchases, such as toilet paper, hand sanitiser and groceries, and a big-screen TV or cut-price Echo might not fit that bill. 

General Counsel David Zapolsky reportedly wrote: “we probably have to promote sooner, which will be difficult if we’re capacity constrained”.

In other words, keep your eyes glued to Amazon: with swathes of price cuts set to occur over the coming months to offset its Prime Day losses, now might be the perfect time to net yourself a smart speaker, home hub, video doorbell, ereader and loads more. 

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