HALF-PRICE Amazon Echo Show 8 and Google Nest Hub deals can help you keep in touch with family

These Amazon Echo Show 8 and Google Nest Hub deals bring the video-calling smart screens down to just £59

Amazon Echo show 8 deal
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It's more important than ever to find ways to keep in close contact with family and friends right now – especially those who are more vulnerable. Both Amazon and Google have made that easier with huge deals on their respective smart screens, which include video calling.

Both the Amazon Echo Show 8 and the Google Nest Hub have had their prices halved – both are normally £119, but are just £59 at the moment – making it much more affordable to get one for your home, and another for a friend or relative you want to easily keep in touch with.

You can use the built-in Alexa or Google Assistant voice assistants to video call someone who has the same kind of device, so it's great for relatives who aren't that comfortable with technology – they can just say what they want.

Both these devices are excellent smart home screens. The main reason to choose one of the other is purely whether you're already invested in one ecosystem over the other – it's best to stick with all Echo or Google Assistant devices, because they work better when they're consistent.

For the video calling you'll also want to be matching the same type of device with whoever you're calling, so if someone already has one type of smart screen, it's best to follow that lead.

Of course, if you're buying a couple for yourself and a relative to get started, the choice is yours – the only difference really worth noting is that the Echo Show 8 has a larger screen (eight inches) than the Google Nest Hub (seven inches).

Amazon Echo Show 8 | Was £119 | Now £59 at Amazon UK
Amazon's smart screen is not just an Alexa smart assistant with good built-in speakers, it's also an eight-inch screen that can show handy information (such as your calendar, or the weather), display photos as a photo frame, play videos (great for recipes in the kitchen) and and built-in camera (with easy cover switch for when you're not using it) handles video calling between Echo Show devices.View Deal

Amazon Echo Show 8 | Was £119 | Now £59 at Very.co.uk
Same as above, but from a different store!View Deal

Google Nest Hub | Was £119 | Now £59 at Currys
Google smart screen has a clear seven-inch screen, great speakers, and Google Assistant voice control to answer questions and perform commands. Like the Echo Show, the screen can show useful info, display photos, play video and it can make video calls thanks to a built-in camera.View Deal

Google Nest Hub | Was £119 | Now £59 at John Lewis
Same as above, but available from John Lewis.View Deal

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