Amazon Echo Look is here to kill the mirror forever

Alexa voice controlled camera smarts make fashion your friend

Amazon Echo Look. Yesterday it meant nothing, but now it’s a name that could soon replace the mirror. Amazon has just unveiled the Echo Look as a smart voice controlled camera that could change the home forever.

The Amazon Echo is a free-standing Wi-Fi connected camera with built-in LED lighting, depth sensing smarts and vision-based background blur. And, of course, the Alexa smart assistant.

The idea is to allow you to take a twirl in front of the Echo Look and then view yourself in 360 degrees on your smartphone via a video or live view.

Of course this is all voice controlled using Alexa, so to take the snap or video you don’t need your phone or even your hands. The Echo Look will also work like an Echo Dot allowing you to ask Alexa for weather reports, news, check your commute, to control smart lighting, heating and more.

The Echo Look companion app will do more than just show you a background blurred photo of your look though. Style Check allows you to select multiple photos and have it use interweb smarts to work out which is best for you based on current trends and what flatters you most. 

The app also keeps a personal look book meaning you can flit through what you’ve worn and when, so you can find favourites as well as avoiding wearing the same outfit to something twice.

The Amazon Echo Look is available now to buy via invitation, in the US at time of publishing, for $200.

Luke Edwards

Luke is a former freelance writer for T3 with over two decades of experience covering tech, science and health. Among many others Luke wrote about health tech, software and apps, VPNs, TV, audio, smart home, antivirus, broadband, smartphones, cars and plenty more. In his free time, Luke used to climb mountains, swim outside and contort his body into silly positions while breathing as calmly as possible.