Amazon asks public which new TV pilots should become full series

Five shows are clamouring for your attention

Make like a haughty tele exec and give your say on whether a humble pilot gets axed or makes it big time...

Amazon has turned to the public to vote on which of its pilot shows will be turned into a full series courtesy of the retail giant.

The firm's third pilot season kicks off on the 28th August on its Amazon Instant Video service, and will give viewers the chance to check out five fresh shots at TV glory.

The five pilots are called The Cosmopolitans, Really, Red Oaks, Hand of God, and Hysteria, and will be available to view later this month.

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“We are delighted to be able to bring


customers new shows from some of Hollywood's most talented actors and creators,” says

Roy Price

, Director of Amazon Studios.

“There is something for everyone in this season and I can't wait to hear our customers' feedback when they premiere later this month.”

Amazon says the feedback is essential to deciding which programs will make it past the pilot stage, and both ratings and comments will be taken into account.

If a show is successful, it will become a fully-fledged Amazon Original Series, and will air on the firm's Instant Video platform at a later date.

Here's T3's round-up of the shows vying for your vote:

The Cosmopolitans

The Cosmopolitans follows young US expats in modern day Paris looking for pals, and partners, in the love capital of Europe. It's a rom-com at heart, and stars Adam Brody and Chloe Sevigny.

Hand of God

Hand of God follows a 'law-bending judge' called Pernell Harris whose struggling with plenty life has thrown his way. Prostitution, rape, mental breakdowns, and a healthy bout of sociopathy make this a gritty drama not to be missed.


Hysteria runs with the idea that social networking is a disease. Not metaphorically, we mean anactualdisease. A neurologist fights against the spreading psycho-physiological illness that's tearing apart Austin, Texas, courtesy of social media. Sounds techtastic.


Comedy candidate Really takes a look at four 'hard-charging' suburbanite couples in Chicago trying to deal with slipping youth - we think we've heard this one before. Sarah Chalke, a.k.a Elliot from Scrubs, stars.

Red Oaks

Another comedy entry, Red Oaks shows off a colourful cast of misfit co-workers labouring alongside David Myers, an assistant tennis pro doing a pre-Uni stint at the Red Oaks Country Club in '85 New Jersey. Pineapple Express director David Gordon Green at the helm ensures this will a) be funny, b) frequently reference marijuana.

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