New Adidas Supernova Prima running shoes have more foam than a latte

Adidas is back at it, revolutionising the running world once again

Adidas Supernova Prima press images
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This summer, Adidas launching the Supernova Prima, the newest addition to the recently revamped Supernova family.

If you thought last year’s Supernova Rise was comfortable, get ready to be blown away. The Prima boasts 13% more of the dreamy DREAMSTRIKE+ super-foam, making it one of the cushiest shoes Adidas has ever released.

JT Newcomb, Category Director of Adidas Running Footwear, highlighted the focus on evolving runners’ needs. "Comfort has always been a key focus of the Supernova family," said Newcomb. "With Supernova Prima, we want to elevate everyday runs by providing more comfort than ever, as well as just the right level of support."

So, what’s new? The Supernova Prima isn’t just about more foam – though that’s certainly a big part of the appeal. This model also introduces the LIGHTTRAXION outsole, designed to keep your strides light and your grip strong.

Plus, the Support Rods have been widened and firmed up, providing extra stability with every step. The heel-fit pillow and engineered mesh upper ensure a snug yet breathable fit, so your feet stay cool and comfy mile after mile.

The new Supernova Prima shoes weigh 292g (10.3oz) for men and 242g (8.5oz) for women, with a stack height of 37.5mm/29.5mm and an 8mm drop.

Available in eye-catching colourways like Preloved Scarlett with Purple Burst for women and Solar Red with Pulse Lime for men, the Supernova Prima will be turning heads on and off the track. Priced at $160 (€170), these shoes are set to hit stores globally today, 4 June 2024.

For more info, visit Adidas US, Adidas UK, and Adidas AU. For more Adidas goodness, you might also want to check out T3's best running shoes and best trail running shoe guides. 

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