Breaking news: Adidas Dropset 3 workout shoes revolutionise strength training!

Adidas is turning up the heat with its latest footwear offering

Adidas launches Dropset 3 workout shoes
(Image credit: Adidas)

In a groundbreaking revelation, Adidas has introduced its latest workout shoe marvel – the Dropset 3, aimed at tackling a widespread issue that plagues 82 million gym-goers: incorrect footwear during strength training.

Adidas, teaming up with renowned sports physical therapist Dr Leada Malek, PT, DPT, aims to set a new standard in fitness footwear.

This follows a recent study commissioned by Adidas that uncovered a startling fact: seven out of ten gym enthusiasts are unknowingly compromising their workouts by wearing unsuitable shoes.

The findings underscore the need for greater awareness of the benefits provided by specialised training shoes, such as support, stability, cushioning, and grip.

Dr Malek elaborates, "Many gym-goers don't realise that their footwear choices are not optimising their performance. Instead, they're increasing energy exertion, risk of injury, and disruption of normal foot function. Proper footwear is crucial for maintaining posture, reducing pain, and enhancing muscle activation."

Enter Dropset 3, the game-changing footwear designed specifically for strength training. With a low midsole drop height of 6mm, the Dropset 3 ensures even weight distribution and optimal force transfer from feet to ground, promoting accurate alignment and stability.

The innovative TRAXION rubber outsole provides exceptional grip, minimising the risk of slipping, while the integrated airflow window and knitted mesh upper keep feet cool and comfortable.

The Dropset 3 launch builds on Adidas' mission to combat gym intimidation and its collaborations with fitness giants like Les Mills and Tonehouse.

Starting today, the Dropset 3 is available online at Adidas and in select stores. Designed for explosive strength training movements and endorsed by top instructors from Les Mills and Tonehouse, the Dropset 3 promises to be a game-changer in the fitness world.

Matt Kollat
Section Editor | Active

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