Add a Bluetooth speaker to your bath water with the Lush Bath Bot

I got to try the Lush Bath Bot and it's the coolest Bluetooth speaker I’ve ever seen

Lush Bath Bot
(Image credit: Lush)

Lush, the luxury bath retailer and inventors of the bath bomb have created the coolest bathroom tech product: The Bath Bot. Taking waterproof speakers to a new extreme, the Bath Bot sits in your bath water and provides a fun light, sound and colour display while you soak.

Announced earlier this year, the Bath Bot is designed to superpower and reinvent your bathing, in the form of a Bluetooth speaker and colour display. By popping it into your bath water on its own or alongside other Lush products, the Bath Bot promises that you’ll ‘never bathe boring’ again… and having seen it in action, I have to agree.

The Lush Bath Bot is described as “an explosion of immersive colour and 180-degree sound that creates a super-powered sensory bathing experience.” After meeting the inventors behind the Bath Bot and Lush’s popular bath bomb and bathing products, they explained to me how they want to bring together all the senses, specifically smell, sound and sight (tasting your bath bomb water is not recommended!).

The Bath Bot does that with its full range of colours and custom light and sound cycles. With multiple modes to choose from, the Bath Bot sets the mood to enhance your bath. For example, the sleepy mode is a combination of lavender colours and soothing music to help you fully relax and get ready for bed. In comparison, the rave mode has yellow and lime green lighting and pulsing beats, designed to get you in the party spirit.

So, where does the music come from, you might be wondering. The Bath Bot is actually a Bluetooth speaker and works by connecting to the Lush app. The app allows you to pick the light, colour and sound cycles, and the Bath Bot can also connect to your music app of choice.

Lush Bath Bot in rave mode

(Image credit: Lush)

Unsurprisingly, the Bath Bot is completely waterproof and floats around your bath. If it turns the wrong way up or bobs below the surface, the Bath Bot quickly rights itself and the speaker at the top will expel the water, which is pretty fun to watch! Alongside its many fun features, the Bath Bot is also made with eco-friendly and ethically sourced materials, in keeping with Lush’s ethos.

You might be wondering “why would I need a speaker for my bath?” I had the same thoughts too before I saw the Bath Bot in all its glory. All I have to say is that it doesn’t need to be that serious – for those who love to indulge in self care, adding music, colour and a sense of luxury to your bath is more fun and takes your bathing to the next level.

If you’ve ever precariously balanced your phone on the edge of the bath (like I have), you don’t need to do that anymore with the Bath Bot. It’s much more than just something to play with in the bath, too. While the Bath Bot is primarily designed to go in the water, it can also be used as a regular speaker. By placing it on its charging dock to recharge, you can put your Bath Bot anywhere in your home for music and lighting.

The Bath Bot is now available to pre-order on the Lush app and it’s expected to be released in November, just in time for Christmas gifting!

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