7 life-changing iOS 15 features coming to your iPhone

From FaceTime and Focus to Live Text and SharePlay

Apple iOS15
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There's a ton of reasons to be excited about iOS 15 and the many new features that are set to be implemented in Apple's latest update. Every major new update from the Silicon Valley-based firm brings about lots of anticipation and discussion about the overall impact on many people's daily lives. The latest set looks to be no different.

While no specific release date for iOS 15 has been shared as of yet, there's a very good chance we'll hear more at today's Apple event. Sure, the likes of the iPhone 13 and the Apple Watch Series 7 (if announced) will take the spotlight, but there are always lots of little, interesting tidbits that are scattered throughout the presentation - iOS 15 release date being one.

Thinking of watching the Apple event live? Then make sure to tune into the stream across Apple.com and Apple's YouTube channel from 10AM PT/ 1PM ET / 5PM GMT. We'll even be streaming it ourselves, so you can keep up with all the latest news when it breaks. Now onto iOS 15! 

Apple iOS 15

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Spatial Audio

Let's start with what is arguably received the most amount of attention during the initial reveal back in June - FaceTime. With a focus on making conversations feel more natural than ever, Apple is introducing spatial audio, separating background noise from the person speaking. This little addition looks to go a long way as many of us continue to call one another remotely, whether that be for business or otherwise.

Apple FaceTime

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FaceTime expansion

On top of this, FaceTime will now be available outside of Apple devices. Anyone wanting to share a call with someone else not in the Apple ecosystem now can via a link from iPhone, iPad or Mac to either Android and Windows browsers. Communication is key, but flexibility is welcome too. 

iOS 15 Privacy

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New privacy options 

Having a bit more privacy in life is rarely a bad thing. So both Mail Privacy Protection and App Privacy Report will be welcome additions to the iOS 15 suite. The latter prevents senders from using invisible pixels to gather data about the user, while the former lets you see how often apps have shared said data (after you've previously given permission) and who with.  

Apple iOS15

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 Live Text 

Live Text is a new tool that recognises text in a photo before being able to search for words across the web. Apple's Neural Engine can also take advantage of the Camera app to copy text instantaneously, helping save time and make the process much smoother. 

Health data

A new health feature will give you the option to share information securely with loved ones or anyone you feel comfortable sharing with in case of an emergency. Furthermore, there are also a couple of new tools to help measure health data and understand what's going on.  


Another FaceTime upgrade but this one allows experiences to be shared between one another with minimum fuss. SharePlay makes it so users can listen to music or watch a movie together just as if they were in the same room with one another. It works across iPhone, iPad and Mac with shared playback controls available.  

Apple iOS15

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 In a world where work can easily overtake life, sometimes you just need to shut it all off. That's exactly what the new Focus feature is here to help with. Utilising "on-device intelligence," Focus is designed to stop any unwanted notifications, only allowing those specifically chosen important ones to filter through. It also makes others aware that they are unreachable whenever using the Focus status.

It's not long now until we find out more about iOS 15 and that all-important date. In the past, the rollout began soon after Apple's event so likely there's not long at all to wait.

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