Watch the iPhone 13 launch live stream here – plus new iPads, Apple Watch Series 7 and more

The iPhone 13 is official and you can watch the stream live right here

Tim Cook launching the 2019 iPhone 11
(Image credit: Apple)

Unless you’ve been spending your time in a cave, you’ll no doubt be aware that today is the day that Apple will announce the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max and the iPhone 13 mini. Phew, that’s a lot of phones. There's also the new AirPods 3, Apple Watch 7 and two new iPads, the iPad 9 and the new iPad Mini. 

You can watch the live stream below:

Original coverage follows below...

The Apple Event live stream starts at 6pm UK time, 10am for the people that live on the west coast of the US and 1pm for the people on the east coast. We’re expecting much of the same from Apple this time – there aren’t any media there so it will be a slickly-produced set of introductions to all of the new devices. Apple does put on a very watchable launch event, and ditching the stage is a lot more compelling than hours of executives waffling. 

That said, this is a monster event. Scheduled to run for a couple of hours, there’s clearly a lot to get through. Rumours have suggested all sorts of new tech being added to the iPhone 13 range. We expect some improvement in battery capacity, potentially a new satellite emergency signalling system and maybe new colours. We know there will be improvements to camera tech, and of course all the features that iOS 15 will bring to not just the new devices, but existing iPhones too. 

There are also rumours of different colours, one even suggests that the flagship blue Apple launched last year would be going away. That seems unlikely, as it’s lovely and unless there’s a technical reason it can’t stay (like all that fuss about white a few generations ago) then we think it’ll be sticking around. 

Some other things are certain too. The new iPhone will have more processing and GPU power, which is always welcome. We’d expect Apple to have a lot to say about its abilities during the event tonight, especially with regard to rumoured new camera features that will require a lot of CPU, GPU and perhaps AI grunt. Including that potential portrait mode for video and the rumoured support for the company’s ProRes format. 

Of course, we may see some surprises. Maybe a new naming convention, to avoid the unlucky 13 connotations. But that’s quite unlikely, but fingers crossed there are a couple of things that haven’t already leaked, because that would be a lot of fun. 

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