5 exciting take-homes from the Google Pixel event

The event saw the Google Pixel 7, Google Pixel Watch and Google Pixel Tablet unveiled

Google Pixel 7 Pro in Hazel colour
(Image credit: Google)

Yesterday, the Made by Google event saw the release of the Google Pixel 7, Google Pixel 7 Pro and the Google Pixel Watch, as well as more detail than ever of the Google Pixel Tablet.

It was a feature-filled 80 minute display, with all of the best Google has to offer being unveiled. There's a lot to unpack from the event, so I've taken the liberty of rounding up the top five things to take-away. 

1. The Pixel 7 Pro camera is exceptionally good

If you just take one thing from yesterday, make it this: the Google Pixel 7 Pro will come with one of the best phone cameras available on any device.

Its unique software changes re-mosaic the pixels in zoomed images, using data from a burst of snaps to create the clearest and best looking composition. The result is photos zoomed anywhere from 2x-10x that look like they were shot without zoom, producing a 12MP image.

It's seriously good tech. The 10x zoomed image shown below looks like it was taken a few feet in front of the subject. It's a great feature for users in the real world, too. You don't need to have professional photography skills to work it out – just point, zoom, shoot and let Google take care of the rest.


(Image credit: Google)

2. Google Pixel 7 will have built in VPN

When it comes to privacy and security, we all want the best we can get. Feeling protected when you're using your phone online is crucial.

The new Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro will feature a built in VPN from Google One. This will encrypt your data when browsing online and help to keep your browsing history secure.

This is a massive deal. VPN's are fantastic technology, but the best VPN services cost money. Having it included for free is a substantial boost for the Pixel range.

3. Google Pixel Tablet is coming...

We've been teased with the Google Pixel Tablet ever since Google I/O in the Summer. Yesterday, we got to see it in all its glory for the first time.

It won't be released until next year, but we got a good look at it as part of the event. It features the new Tensor G2 chipset found in the Pixel 7 phones, and is made with a nano-ceramic coating designed to look like porcelain.

4. ... and it has a dock which is brilliant

One of the highlights from the Pixel Tablet segment was a unique docking system that turns your tablet into a crucial part of your smart home. By connecting to a dock with a smart speaker, your tablet morphs into a smart home hub, similar to the Google Nest Hub Max.

It connects magnetically, so you can pop it on and off at your leisure. The dock acts as a charging point too, so it's always ready to go when you need it. Plus, it helps to combat issues with tablet usage. Google claimed that traditional tablets spend 80% of their time either out of charge, or locked away in a drawer. This docking system aims to make the tablet a part of your home, even when you don't need to use it first-hand.

The Google Pixel Tablet attached to the dock.

(Image credit: Google)

5. Google Pixel Watch: for all your smart watch needs

The Google Pixel Watch has been discussed at great length in the run up to the event, but its still worth mentioning here. Google's first foray into the world of smart watches looks set to be a knockout, with a great user-interface and a sleek design.

Tied in with Fitbit for fitness tracking, the Pixel Watch features 40 different exercise modes. It also has an ECG app for keeping track of your heart health, and will take on fall detection next year.

It's only got a 24 hour battery life, though Google do say that a 30 minute charge will recoup around 50% charge. It's a much more fashionable look than the Apple Watch, though, so I'd expect to see these on a few wrists soon.

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