30 of the best things to buy on Prime Day before it ends tonight

Time is of the essence! There's only a few hours left to go before Prime Day 2022 comes to an end

Amazon Prime Day sale and deals 2022
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With Amazon's mega savings event coming to a close later today, the last mad dash to grab the last minute deals is in full effect. The last two days has been packed with some incredible discounts on everything from TVs to smart tech, clothing and more, but the action isn't over yet.

You've still got a little over 8 hours to score some of the best Prime Day deals before the sale ends, but if you're not quite sure what you're after than you may be struggling to figure out what to buy. After covering plenty of Prime Day deals over the past week, that's where I may be able to help.

Shop all last minute Prime Day deals before they're gone!

To avoid bombarding you with a bunch of unnecessary images and boring text, I've made this list a straight shot of the 30 best things to buy at the last minute before Prime Day ends today. Time is of the essence here, and I'd rather you spend the time checking out these incredible offers instead of reading through a bunch of filler content.

There's a lot of great deals on popular tech right now, in particular smart watches, Amazon devices, and smart appliances. But if these aren't quite what you're after, don't fret. As with all Amazon Prime Days, there's thousands of deals across hundreds of categories.

Below are 30 of the best things to buy on Prime Day 2022 before the sale ends tonight.

The 30 Best Things to Buy On Prime Day 2022

Some final thoughts on Prime Day 2022

While I gave a pretty mixed bag of Prime Day deals in the list above, this year seemed to be a pretty standard year for Amazon in terms of variety.

If you didn't happen to find the Prime Day deal you were looking for, don't worry, Many of us didn't, but the good news is we're already halfway through the year and just that much closer to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Both of these days tend to have a much broader selection of deals that are a bit more worth your money, and provide larger discounts.

This years Prime Day did see some massive discounts on off-brand and other odd products here and there, but the big items that many of us were hoping for saw pretty standard discounts.

If you ask me, Amazon really needs to step it up next year when it comes to Prime Day 2023.

It seems like sales are happening constantly, diminishing the impact major savings events like Prime Day or Memorial Day have had in the past. But, that's just me.

However, here's to another great Prime Day sale and fingers crossed that the next one really blows me away.

How long do Prime Day sales last?

If you've been keeping up with Amazon's biggest sale this year, than the answer to this one is pretty obvious. Most deals last for 48 hours, but just how long do Prime Day deals last can vary by item.

Amazon drops some last minute Prime Day deals that may only be around a few hours before they end it for the year, many of which you'll find in the list above. But you've still got a few hours left before it's over. Keep shopping!

Is shipping free on Amazon Prime Day?

For some products, yes.

The majority of products on sale during Prime Day, however, will have some sort of shipping charge depending on the size and weight of the item.

It's a safe bet that most things you'll want to buy will have free shipping, and in some cases free next day shipping, but there's no guarantee on this. This all depends on whether or not Amazon has the item stocked in one of their nearby warehouses, or if they'll need to ship it from another location.

In the event they have to ship it from another warehouse, you can usually expect to get your purchase within a week.

Is Prime Day only once a year?

The standard procedure is that Amazon Prime Day only happens once a year.

There have been rumors that Amazon has been considering running a second Prime Day later on in the year, but in all honesty this is probably just conjecture. With Black Friday sales dominating the later half of the year, it really wouldn't make sense for Amazon to run a second Prime Day 2022.

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