Nokia’s cheap new Android tablet looks like a fierce Amazon Fire rival

Nokia's new Android tablet is cheap, cheerful and gives you the full Android 12 experience

Nokia T10
(Image credit: Nokia)

Amazon's going to spend a lot of Prime Day trying to persuade you to buy a Fire tablet with some impressive discounting, but while the Fire is one of the best tablets you can buy in terms of value for money it's not stock Android.

Instead Fire tablets run Amazon's own fairly customised version of Android and Amazon's own App Store, and while I appreciate the out-of-the-box simplicity I'd rather have plain old Android. If you're like me and you'd like a budget tablet without the Amazon tie-ins, Nokia may have the perfect tablet for you.

The new tablet is called the Nokia T10. It's an 8-inch model, which is as small as I'd want to go with a tablet; any smaller and you might as well stick with your phone. It'll go on sale in August 2022 and comes in two versions: the Wi-Fi model for £129 and the LTE version for £149. That's incredibly cheap for such a mobile device, so if you're looking for a cheap tablet to travel with then that's a very interesting option.

The Nokia T10 is a cheap and cheerful tablet

Let's face it. At this price you're not getting an iPad Pro level of specification. But what you are getting is Android 12 with two years of guaranteed OS updates and three years of monthly security updates. There's 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage, the screen is HD resolution and there are built-in stereo speakers for entertainment on the move. There's also a nifty second screen feature that enables you to use your Nokia as a second display for a Windows PC. 

Nokia can't compete with the price of the equivalent Fire tablet, the Fire HD 8: right now Amazon has dropped its price from the usual £89.99 to just £34.99. But if you prefer the OG Android to Amazon's flavour of it, or just don't want an Amazon device, I think this new Nokia is a really nice option: it's affordable, it's reasonably powerful and it's more than enough for everyday entertainment, online shopping and sofa surfing.

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