6 exercises to try for tighter abs muscles and a more toned six-pack

2x3 easy ab exercises to perform at home for a better-looking midriff

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Who doesn't want a tighter core and more toned abs? Anyone? We thought so. Most people associate a lean abdominal area with fitness and discipline; after all, to have visible ab muscles, you're workout and diet plan need to be on point. And while we're not here to help you with the latter, this quick ab workout will help you build muscles fast.

The workout is structured around three jump rope exercises with 40 repetitions each, followed by three kettlebell exercises with 20 repetitions each. Thankfully, neither of these home gym equipment is expensive, but in case you need some more advice on which one to get, we have a guide about the best kettlebells to add to your home gym collection.

This abs workout combines cardio moves with core exercises; the combination of the two will enable you to pack on mass while losing fat. Keeping your heart rate at a higher level helps boost metabolism and slim down your waist. That said, don't push yourself too much, especially if you're not used to this type of workout – it's best to ease yourself into exercising gradually to avoid injuries.

  • Jump rope exercises
  • Exercise 1- Jump rope forward swing (40 repetitions) 
  • Exercise 2- Jump rope high knee jump up (40 repetitions) 
  • Exercise 3- Jump rope double-under swings (40 repetitions) 
  • Kettlebell exercises
  • Exercise 1- Russian kettlebell swings (20 repetitions) 
  • Exercise 2-American kettlebell swings (20 repetitions) 
  • Exercise 3- Single-arm variations (10 repetitions each arm) 

Find this workout too daunting? You'll find the best beginner abs exercises on this handy list. For those at a more advanced stage, we have an exclusive 15-minute ab workout from fitness trainer Elliot Burton. Either way, it's probably not a terrible idea to refresh your memory on how to get a six-pack.

If you're suffering from fatigue post-workouts, adding a food supplement such as one of our best protein powders could revitalise you. Beyond these, we also have curated a ketogenic diet and 5:2 diet plans, including advice from health professionals.

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