This new free streaming service could be the blueprint for the future of TV

NASA Plus will provide users with ad-free, no-cost content which is perfect for the whole family

A shot of a footprint on the surface of the moon
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When it comes to watching TV, you'll probably find that you're a bit spoilt for choice. The fight for best streaming service on the market is littered with great options from new starters and long-established platforms, offering different takes on the form to try and entice users.

There is a new platform coming, though. We've spoken about NASA Plus before. The platform looks set to offer a free streaming service for lovers of everything space-themed.

Now, the launch date for the platform has been unveiled. From the 8th of November, users will be able to access the platform, gaining access to a range of content from NASA expeditions.

What's more, users won't have to pay a penny for the privilege. In a break from tradition for streaming platforms, NASA Plus will be ad-free and no-cost. That's really unusual, with most platforms looking for some way to make money out of their enterprise.

It's an interesting take – and one which I think could shape a trend in the next few years. Sure, not every brand could get away with it, but those on the size and scale of NASA can afford to provide free content for users. That allows them to take full ownership over the content direction and have a direct link with their audience.

From the consumer perspective, having free access to content about a specific topic that isn't littered with ads is a massive plus. Particularly for more niche content areas, it can be a real pain trying to find high quality material. Getting that straight from the source is perfect, and not having to contend with ads will make the service feel much more premium, to boot.

It's the kind of service I could see thriving with large sports teams. They would have the kind of disposable income needed to fund such a project without advertising, and would have a large enough dedicated fanbase to make it worthwhile.

For now though, it's just NASA who have taken the leap. Users will find Emmy Award-winning live content from the brand, as well as original content – including some new content to mark the launch of the service.

Let's hope that this direction inspires other brands to follow suit. If so, it could be one small step for NASA, but one giant leap for streaming-kind.

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