Best gin glasses 2018: from the new style ‘Copa de Balon’ to traditional straights and tumblers

Designed to capture the fragrance and flavour of your favourite gin, choosing the right glass is essential to the tasting experience

The best gin glasses

There’s no doubt that the world of gin has boomed in the last couple of years. We’re no longer caught in the clutches of Gordons or view Hendricks as the special gin we occasionally drink to treat ourselves. 

New infusions are cropping up all the time and to truly experience the vibrancy of these new flavours, the right glass is vital. 

Gin aficionados will insist that raising any glass other than the newly resurrected Copa de Balon is a travesty to the spirit. 

These rounded glasses capture the essences of the gin, with plenty of room to spare for the mandatory ice cubes and flavour enhancing garnishes. 

Those who prefer the sturdiness of a straight glass should look at tall, decorative ones like the Royal Scot Crystal Skye Set, and tumblers like the LSA International Gin Tumbler have been especially designed to unleash the natural flavours of the gin. 

The best gin glass

1. LSA International Gin Balloon Glasses

With its large bowl and sturdy stem, this is the best for those botanical-heavy gins

Reasons to buy
+Large bowl design leaves plenty of room for ice and tonic

To experience your favourite gin’s true flavour potential, the general rule is to go for a large bowl-style glass, like this one from LSA International. 

The bowl captures the infusion of the botanicals to make for a more heady drinking experience, while the size of it leaves plenty of room for ice, tonic and a garnish without overcrowding the glass. 

Waterford Lismore Essence Champagne Saucers

2. Waterford Lismore Essence Champagne Saucers

Elegant and sophisticated, and suitable for both wine and gin

Reasons to buy
+Perfect for special occasions

When the occasion calls for gin, rather than champagne, it’s good to know that you can rely on this beautiful glass for both. 

Made from lead crystal cut glass and featuring a diamond cut pattern, this is the kind of glass that you keep on display or gift to a bride and groom who love their gin. The wide, shallow nature of the glass allows the gin to aerate, unleashing the full impact of the botanicals used.

LSA International Gin Cocktail Glasses

3. LSA International Gin Cocktail Glasses

Whether you’re all about the Bramble or the French 75, serve it in this gin cocktail glass

Reasons to buy
+Not just for gin based cocktails

Handmade from mouth-blown glass, these gin glasses are perfect for those looking for an elegant way to serve their Friday night cocktails. 

They feature a large bowl and a sturdy base, enabling the full flavour to dissipate while providing a well balanced glass from which to drink.  With gin highball and gin balloon glasses also in the collection, these make the perfect gift idea for any gin fanatic. 

Waterford Lismore Highball Tumbler

4. Waterford Lismore Highball Tumbler

An elegant glass for those who prefer their gin and tonic in a straight one

Reasons to buy
+For the old fashioned gin drinker

If you’re all about serving your drink the old fashioned away, give your gin the respect it deserves by sipping it from this elegant straight tumbler. 

Another offering from the Waterford Collection, this glass features the same intricate diamond design and it’s crafted from crystal for strength and refinement. 

Royal Scot Crystal Skye Set

5. Royal Scot Crystal Skye Set

Another tall tumbler, made from fine crystal and beautifully decorated

Reasons to buy
+Perfect for long drinks

Anyone who loves to drink a long gin and tonic will find that these elegant glasses are the perfect addition to their drinks cabinet. 

They come in a plush titanium grey box, which also makes them a great gift idea. Made from crystal, they’re harder than regular glass and feature an elegant pattern that make them perfect to bring out on special occasions.

LSA International Gin Tumbler

6. LSA International Gin Tumbler

Those who enjoy their gin with just a splash of tonic should have a look at these tumblers

Reasons to buy
+Designed to release the full potential of the botanicals

Having been designed to encourage the release of the botanical flavours, these glasses are perfect for those who prefer their g&t short, rather than long. 

They’re made from mouth-blown glass for that authentic finish, and will make a great accompaniment to the other LSA gin glasses on the list.