T3 Awards 2019: Samsung wins Brand Of The Year

In TVs, phones, white goods and more, Samsung is a brand that is synonymous with quality

T3 Awards 2019 Samsung wins Brand Of The Year

This was a hotly contested category in the T3 Awards 2019 as so many tech brands have impressed us this year, but the judging panel picked Samsung as the winner for the Brand Of The Year award.

Samsung has been on a real roll recently. It’s Galaxy smartphones consistently score top marks in our reviews, while Samsung’s mobile division has continued to innovate, whether that’s with the Galaxy Fold (which still impresses us despite its launch setback) or the all-screen Samsung Galaxy A80 with its sliding, swiveling camera.

In TV, we were blown away by the 8K Q950, but even in the 4K arena, Samsung is killing it. Its Q90 QLED TV gets five star reviews across the web. It’s not just the picture quality of Samsung TVs that we love – Samsung’s One Connect system, which means you literally just need to run one cable into the back of your TV for all your inputs with all your connections being housed in the One Connect box, is so elegantly simple we wonder why more TV manufacturers don’t offer a similar solution.

Samsung’s attention to those small details continues across other product categories. The Samsung AddWash system lets you pause your washing machine mid-wash to add a forgotten sock or add items at the rinse stage, while its Family Hub fridges feature wireless touchscreens for family calendars, grocery shopping, smart come control and more. And in the home office, Samsung’s Space Monitor, with its integrated clamp, is a perfect solution for keeping your desk decluttered.

When it comes to Samsung products there’s a consistent quality that means you can buy with confidence. Whether it’s a phone, a fridge, a TV or a gaming monitor that you’re purchasing, you can be sure it will be a quality item, and that’s why we’re delighted to name Samsung Brand Of The Year.

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Paul Douglas
Paul Douglas

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