PS5 pre-orders: You can reserve a PlayStation 5 at THESE retailers

Bookmark these PlayStation 5 retailers to be first in line when PS5 preorders open

PS5 pre-orders PlayStation 5
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Hype for the PS5 launch is now at a quite ludicrous level, with gamers the world over dying to get their hands on the next-gen new console from Sony.

And, with the product tipped to be a hot ticket item, for many ensuring they have a PS5 pre-order locked in is therefore paramount.

Well, many retailers are already very ready to go on PS5 pre-orders, with Sony just having to fire the starting gun.

What follows is a list of retailer pages where you can lodge your PS5 pre-order come the big day, which rumour has it could be landing within weeks.

And you would be right to want to lock-in a PS5 pre-order. Sony is expecting the console to sell like hot cakes, and has had to close to double the production run of the system to keep pace.

So make sure these retailers are bookmarked so that you can make sure a PS5 is securely tucked under your tree come the winter holiday season.

Walmart has one of the most impressive PS5 hubs on the market today. Not only does it deliver info about the console and its accessories, but it also has video trailers for the system and loads of its launch games. There's also a PS5 pre-order sign up mailing list, too, meaning that you can be notified immediately when PS5 pre-orders go live.

Amazon's PS5 hub is really strong, with details about the console and accessory listed, as well as videos and games. Unlike some other retailers, though, there is no pre-order information sign-up list to fill in right now. Surely a matter of time, though.

Best Buy
Best Buy's PS5 hub leads on PS5 pre-order sign-ups, with users capable of inserting their mailing address to get notified about when PS5 pre-orders go live. There's also console info and specs and multiple game videos to watch. Accessories are also listed and explained. A strong hub all-round.

Target's PS5 pre-order hub is more basic than the rest but still allows you to sign-up for email updates and delivers some basic information about the console, accessories and games that are incoming. Might be worth signing up for as Target is typically very competitive in terms of bundle deals.

UK retailer Argos has also got its game-on regarding the PS5 with a rudimentary hub showing a PS5 hype video and PS5 pre-order news sign-up. Argos are very good in terms of getting stock live quick, though, so we recommend UK users to keep an eye on this page for sure.

ShopTo is a stand-out right now as it is actually allowing gamers to pre-order the PS5 pre-order. For a penny users can pre-ordern a pre-order either for the full-fat console or the Digital Edition. When the consoles' prices are then finalised, and pre-orders open, the user is then guaranteed a console.

Very has its own PS5 pre-order hub and gamers can now register their interest to be informed when PlayStation 5 pre-orders go live. As with many of the hubs, there is console and game info and video trailers available, too.

Currys has its own hub for registering your interest in the Sony PS5, with sign-ups now live. Visually this hub page isn't the strongest, but it delivers some info on launch games and the technological power of the PlayStation 5, too.

Here at T3 we can't wait to get our hands on the PS5, and were blown away recently by the PS5 games reveal event.

And, as helping people find the technology they want is core to our mission, readers can now sign up to our PS5 pre-order tracker, which will notify anyone who signs up when PS5 pre-orders go live anywhere.

PS5 pre-orders: How much will it cost?

While we don't have official word from Sony, right now we're expecting the PS5's price to come in at around £499/ $499/ €499; that's over £100 more than the PS4's launch price of £350, and closer to the PS3's  £425, which fans were not happy about at the time. They'll likely be more willing to part with that kind of cash this time around, given the huge leap in tech to the next console generation - including the super fast SSD which currently outpaces gaming PCs. 

An Amazon UK leak with a £599.99 ($760) price tag had us worried for a minute but the online retailer confirmed it was an error, and a similar price was listed over on Play-Asia, but industry veteran and former Xbox marketing chief, Albert Penello, weighed in to put those concerns to bed. 

In response to rumours saying the console could come in at $600 (£477), Penello said "[there's] no way this console is over $499" and based on his years of experience, and involvement in the launch of the original Xbox, the Xbox 360, and the Xbox One, we're inclined to side with Penello on this one.

PS5 pre-orders: Will there be a cheaper model?

Sony revealed two console models at its PS5 event; one with a disc drive, and one purely digital edition. Microsoft's digital-only version of the Xbox One S is the cheaper of the two, so we're guessing that ditching the Blu-ray drive on the PS5 will knock a few quid off the price. 

PlayStation boss Jim Ryan told the BBC that the digital edition exists to accommodate "consumers are purchasing solely digitally," and is about offering a choice, rather than merely presenting a 'cheap' option, but we'd be surprised if a smaller price tag wasn't the byproduct of doing so. 


PS5 pre-orders: Will there be a premium model?

For those of you hoping for something a bit more snazzy and have money to burn, news of a “beautiful” special edition should have you champing at the bit! The PS5 design is already a sight to behold (although it has divided opinion on that front), and Sony has confirmed that an even more "radical" design is on the cards

PlayStation’s vice president of UX design Matt MacLaurin took to LinkedIn to share the news, saying:

"While this is the flagship/reference, you can count on even more beautiful (and hopefully radical) special editions."

These special editions will  no doubt come with a premium price, so if you're a lover of the more unique (and expensive!) console editions, you should put aside some extra cash now. 

PS5 pre-orders: What are the console bundle options?

Again, this isn't something that has been touched on, but we imagine similar options to those currently offered now, especially in light of the range of accessories on offer. Expect to see bundles featuring two DualSense controllers, as well as options including the Pulse 3D headset, DualSense charging station, and HD camera.

On the software front, the PS5 is almost certainly going to be on offer with Sony's firs-party games, like Gran Turismo 7, Horizon Forbidden West, and Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales, as well popular IPs like GTA, FIFA, and Call of Duty, although these might not all be available at launch.       

We'll add more pre-order info as we get it, but in the meantime, you can sign up to receive PS5 pre-order updates to get the best deals before anyone else!