How to get a PS5 console through EE

EE account holders gain access to exclusive PS5 offerings

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The search for a PlayStation 5 continues but EE has a solution for anyone struggling. The mobile network provider has sporadically been putting the PS5 consoles up for sale since it launched back in November 2020, specifically for its customers. Now it looks to be offering the Sony games machine up a bit more frequently.

Check PS5 stock at EE now 

With that, we thought we'd take the opportunity to explain exactly what you need to do to secure a PS5 from EE. So first of all, let's be very clear: yes, you must be an EE account holder on a pay-as-you-go monthly handset plan to buy a console from the company. You also must be within the first 17 months of your contract, as well as be able to pass credit checks. 

Once a drop goes live, you can head to the login page where you can make your selection. While similar to how BT operates its PS5 sales, the biggest difference is that you cannot buy the console outright through EE. No, instead it must be added to your payment plan. This is an interest-free plan that can be paid across your contract over the span of an 11-month period. There's also a limit of three items per plan. 

An example of PS5 bundles up for sale can be seen below (via PS5 Stock UK).

Speaking from personal experience (and as an EE customer), I've found the process incredibly easy when compared to the chaos that comes with most retail drops. For instance, an EE restock that took place on November 23rd was available most of the day, something unheard of in recent times. The only caveat is that it was made up of bundles. 

EE normally has a variety of accessories that can be purchased separately, including DualSense wireless controller, PS5 HD camera, PS5 media remote and PS Plus. Again these need to be added to your plan and not bought outright. So if you are already an EE customer or willing to switch mobile networks, this could be your salvation to obtaining a PS5. 

Anyone interested in purchasing a PS5 via EE can register their interest on EE's website. For anyone else trying to secure a console, head on over to the official T3 PS5 restock tracker for the latest details.  

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