PS5 restock: how to get a console via Sony's PlayStation Direct

Sony has now expanded its store to Europe and is now selling consoles on a regular basis

PlayStation 5 disc and digital console plus DualSense controller
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Looking to secure a PlayStation 5 in time for the holidays? Well, after so many retailers have been struggling to meet consumer demand, Sony has now taken the matter into its own hands and has begun putting its latest next-gen console up for sale itself. 

Check PS5 stock at PlayStation Direct now 

This all began on November 10th when the platform holder announced that it would roll out an expansion of its PlayStation Direct store throughout Europe, after previously only being available in the US. It then first went live with its first batch on November 15th, before subsequent restocks took place on November 19th and November 22nd, respectively. 

These drops followed a report stating that Sony has hired "three jumbo jet planes" to make sure retailers possess enough stock for Black Friday and beyond. With three sales of PS5 consoles in less than two weeks, Sony is seemingly doing everything it can to make sure everyone has a console in time for Christmas. The big question for many, though, is how exactly do you purchase a console directly from Sony?  

There are currently two ways available to buy a PS5 through the PlayStation Direct store – and one lets you avoid the mad rush, Let's begin there. 

Sony runs an exclusive invitation program that it sends out to those interested in purchasing the console. Consumers who opt-in will be emailed a link allowing them to join the exclusive queue and secure a PS5. Users are chosen "based on previous interests and PlayStation activities," so while you may be signed up, it doesn't mean you will receive an invite. Basically, it's random.

To make sure you are on this list, you must first possess a PSN account and be signed into an account via the website. When logged in, you'll find a tickbox labelled 'Receive Email Notifications' under the 'Notifications' tab. Make sure this box is ticked and saved. You will then be in with a chance of receiving an invite to the next stock drop whenever that takes place. PS5 consoles are limited to one per household, with PS Plus subscribers receiving free standard delivery.  

Sony PSN account notification tab

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The second method is simply to wait until the queue opens up to the public. You can then head on over to the PlayStation Direct store and claim a PS5, though you still need a PS account to make the purchase. Expect heavy queues (over 40,000 people in our experience) if you do choose this method... but the plus side is that it's at least regular. Also, if you have a PS Plus subscription you can opt for free delivery.

Follow one of these methods and fingers crossed you'll be playing the likes of Deathloop, Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Demon's Souls, Ratchet & Clank, Returnal and more before you know it. 

For everything else, head on over to the official PS5 restock tracker for the latest information.  

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