Black Friday prices are here NOW with 43% slashed off Amazon Echo Input

This Amazon Echo is Black Friday deal good

Black Friday Amazon Echo Input
(Image credit: Amazon)

Black Friday deals often see Amazon's devices reduced in price, but this excellent deal on the Amazon Echo Input delivers on the cost carve but right now, with a going-on-half-price 43% slashed off its price.

And this deal is especially good as the Amazon Echo Input is one of the very best Alexa-powered devices on the market today, one that is perfect for anyone who wants to augment their home audio system with AI assistant, music-playing smarts.

Unlike the Amazon Echo or Echo Dot, the Echo Input does not come with a built-in speaker, but instead is designed to be plugged in by standard 3.5mm cable to a speaker or connected wirelessly by Bluetooth to a Bluetooth-enabled speaker.

This excellent versatility, partnered with a super-compact, stylish design, means that augmenting any speaker system, no matter where it is in a home, is incredibly easy with the Amazon Echo Input.

Which is why this 43 per cent price drop on the Echo Input is so easy to recommend - it's a quality product now at a truly fantastic price point. You can check out the full details of the deal below:

Amazon Echo Input | was £34.99 | now £19.99 (opens in new tab)
For audiophiles who want the smarts of Amazon's Alexa but want to use their own existing speaker system to guarantee top audio reproduction, then the Echo Input is the ideal Amazon Echo. The Input is essentially the Amazon Echo Dot but without a built-in speaker system, a fact that makes it incredibly streamlined and easy to implement into literally any room or setup. The Echo Input is Bluetooth enabled, too, meaning that you can use it wirelessly with any Bluetooth speaker as well. Reduced right now by 43% at Amazon, down from £34.99 to only £19.99 with free delivery.

If you like the idea of Alexa but don't already have a speaker system in your home to connect an Input to, then be sure to check out T3's authoritative best smart speaker guide, which is stuffed full of quality Amazon Alexa-powered products with speakers built in.

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