Best straightening hairbrush 2021: for straight, frizz-free hair

Which straightening hairbrush will leave your hair straight, frizz free and cut your styling time down considerably?

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A woman lying on a bed, holding the best straightening hairbrush – GHD Glide
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Straightening hairbrushes are big news in the hair technology market at the moment with more and more of us opting for the simplicity of the tool. Who doesn’t want to but their styling time? 

Straightening hair brushes do exactly what they say on the tin. Straightening and brushing at the same time they leave your hair looking silky smooth. 

We’ve reviewed straightening hairbrushes from the biggest brands, all of which will straighten and tame your hair giving you an effortlessly sleek look, but which one is the best?

How to choose the best straightening hairbrush for you

A straightening hairbrush is for you if you’re looking for ways to reduce your styling time and like the idea of a 2-in-1 tool that’ll brush and straighten your hair simultaneously. 

If you’re looking for a brush you can use in the morning then slip into your handbag for an after-work tidy-up, then opting for a smaller model and one which comes with a heat-protective carry case is ideal.

When deciding on the best straightening hairbrush for you, read our reviews and take into consideration comments on hair type and length, in addition to overall performance results and price point. Your budget may depend on how often you style your hair and what sort of investment you wish to make. 

The Dyson AirWrap, for example, is certainly a big hair investment, but it’s really made an impression in the world of hairstyling right now. The GHD Glide Professional Hot Brush offers a middle-range model that is ideal for the regular styler who wants a bit of luxury, which is why we’ve put it in our top spot, but if you’re on a budget then the Babyliss Big Hair Care Hot Air is for those who are on a budget but still want a bit of bounce in their style. 

Check out our full list and reviews below.

The best straightening hairbrushes

Best straightening hairbrush: GHD Glide Professional Hot BrushT3 Best Buy Award

(Image credit: GHD)

1. GHD Glide Professional Hot Brush

Glide your way to super-sleek locks everyday

Reasons to buy
+Fast heat up+Ionic technology +Comfortable to hold

GHD always come through with luxury products that are super-easy to use and this straightening brush is no exception. If you like a bit of volume and want to tame the flyaways, then this stylers ionic technology will smooth out any kinks in seconds. The GHD Glide is designed to give you a style that lasts for days, and can easily tame your locks effortlessly – perfect for getting ready in the mornings. It has a combination of long and short bristles which help to manage all hair types and can tackle large areas at a time. With a 60 minute auto-switch off, you can have peace of mind even on the busiest of mornings. 

Dyson Airwrap Smooth + ControlT3 Approved Award

(Image credit: Dyson)

2. Dyson Airwrap Smooth + Control

Dyson Airwrap complete styler

Reasons to buy
+Dries and styles simultaneously +Comes with attachments and carry case +Uses less heat for healthier hair
Reasons to avoid
-More expensive than the GHD Glide

The Dyson Airwrap is the ultimate straightening hair brush for anyone who hates styling their hair. This model uses powerful airflow combined with controlled heat, to dry and style your hair all at once. It has intelligent heat control to ensure you don’t damage your hair, always remaining below 150 degrees. It comes with six different brushes and attachements, so not only is this a straightening hair brush, but it can be used for curling, waving and many other styles too. If you want quick and easy salon standard blow dries, we guarantee you’ll be able to achieve it with the Dyson Airwrap.

BaByliss 2950U Big Hair Care Hot Air 50mm StylerT3 Approved Award

(Image credit: Babyliss)

3. BaByliss 2950U Big Hair Care Hot Air 50mm Styler

Bouncy blow-dries on a budget

Reasons to buy
+Affordable+Rotating brush for ease of use+Looks good
Reasons to avoid
-Only two heat settings

If you’re still a little unsure about a 2-in-1 tool then this Babyliss straightening hair brush is a reasonable price for first time styling. It comes with ionic technology and a rotating barrel to help you achieve the bouncy blow dry look. It has protection sensors to ensure your hair remains healthy and full of shine and the large barrel makes it easy to tame even the thickest and longest hair. Unlike some of the other models that are designed for that super-sleek finish, this styler is better for those who like it straight but not too straight – add a flick or tuck at the bottom for extra volume. 

Glamoriser Straight & Smooth BrushT3 Approved Award

4. Glamoriser Straight & Smooth Brush

A sleek and stylish hair straightening brush

Reasons to buy
+Straight, smooth styles quickly+LCD display and heat ready indicator
Reasons to avoid
-None, really

The Glamoriser Straight & Smooth is styled like a paddle brush and looks and feels like a high-end piece of tech. It has variable heat settings of 80 - 210°C  (we recommend staying at 185 ̊ so you don’t damage hair)– you watch on the brush’s screen as it heats up to your chosen temperature. The strong bristles made light work of speeding through hair, straightening, smoothing and adding shine. My hair looked like I’d spend a lot of time styling, when it fact it only took five minutes, which is exactly the point of a straightening hairbrush and why this is our favourite. This multi-voltage brush comes with a heat resistant travel pouch/matt and a UK/EU plug adaptor, making it easy to travel with.

DAFNI goT3 Approved Award

5. DAFNI go

A fast dryer and a good looker

Reasons to buy
+5 minutes to straight, sleek hair+Fuss-free user experience
Reasons to avoid
-Most expensive on test

The DAFNI go has a simple yet attractive looking design. It’s easy to grip and feels good in the hand. There is one on/off button which beeps when plugged in, when turned on and again when ready to use (almost instant), which is indicated by the green light also. It heats up to 185 ̊, which is the optimal temperature for healthy hair so you don’t have to worry about damaging your locks. The DAFNI go has strong evenly spaced bristles, which made light work of gliding through our thick hair, whilst banishing all waves and kinks. Hair took just five minutes to straighten and looked very sleek with no frizz. The DAFNI go comes with a thermal cover and thermal bag, so you can pack it immediately after use - brilliant if you’re on-the-go a lot.

Wahl Straightening BrushT3 Approved Award

6. Wahl Straightening Brush

Perfect for shorter hair

Reasons to buy
+Great for short hair as well as long+Straight, smooth hair
Reasons to avoid
-Fiddly button

The Wahl Straightening Brush is neither ugly nor a thing of great beauty but it does feel very good in the hand. We found it very easy to use and achieved a straight, smooth look quickly, in five minutes. Thanks to the brush head shape it made very light work of tucking the ends of my bob under – better than the others – so, we’d recommend this one for shorter hair. The Wahl brush has four different heat settings but as with the Remington brush, we don’t recommend the highest heat. We found the lock features a little fiddly and managed to accidentally turn if off a few times whilst using too. Comes with a bristle guard.

Braun Satin Hair 7 IONTEC BrushT3 Approved Award

7. Braun Satin Hair 7 IONTEC Brush

A quality polisher that is gentle with hair

Reasons to buy
+Real bristles are very gentle on hair+Take it anywhere thanks to battery power
Reasons to avoid
-Will maintain straight hair but not straighten alone

The Braun Satin Hair 7 IONTEC Brush is certainly a good-looking bit of kit – we particularly like the green light when you switch it on. The brush feels good in the hand, much like a quality ‘normal’ brush. The natural bristles feel very gentle on hair, which is a real plus.  Rather than straightening hair, this brush is more of a polisher – it tamed frizz and flyaways and smoothed our hair. This is a great product to keep the hair you’re already straightened looking tiptop through the day (what it’s been designed for) but not as a straightener replacement. The Braun Satin Hair 7 IONTEC brush is battery rather than mains powered making it a good take-everywhere option for touch-ups on the go.

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