Xbox 360 Kinect review: first play and hands-on pics

Controller-less gaming arrives in the UK.

Image 1 of 9 Skiing
Kinect Motion Sports: Skiiing
Image 2 of 9 on screen
Kinect: Putting you in the game
Image 3 of 9 American Football
Kinect Motion Sports: American Football
Image 4 of 9 Kinect
Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect review
Image 5 of 9 Your Shape
Kinect: Ubisoft's Your Shape game
Image 6 of 9 clap
Clapping to progress
Image 7 of 9 Kinect
Xbox 360 Kinect hardware
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Kinect box side view
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Xbox 360 Kinect hardware

Our first UK play with the hotly-anticipated Kinect for Xbox 360.

Microsoft's Xbox 360 Kinect finally arrived in the UK yesterday with the first playable demonstration of the controller-less motion gaming tech at Ubisoft's summer showcase.

Upon hearing the news we hot-footed it down to Chelsea raring to get our motion on for the first time on these shores and sample some of Ubi's initial offerings.

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We were more than delighted to see two Kinect titles on show from the Ubisoft studio, with fully playable demo versions of Motion Sports, which featured American Football and Skiing and the Your Shape fitness game.

Check out the hands-on Xbox 360 Kinect review gallery for our verdict on what we've seen so far.

Ubisoft's real ace in the hole will come with its all-singing, all-dancing Michael Jackson game, where you'll be challenged with emulating his moves, singing his songs and basically being the King of Pop minus the plastic surgery and skin bleaching. Miss you every day Michael....

Link: Ubisoft