Xbox 360 Slim invented before PS3 Slim, says Microsoft

Gaming goliath denies Sony influence

Gaming giant says there was no influence from its fiercest rival

Despite Microsoft’s grand unveiling of the Xbox 360 Slim coming slightly suspiciously just under a year after Sony revealed its own slinkier version of the PS3, the company says that it’s merely a coincidence.

Microsoft actually claims that the plan to downsize the 360 was dreamed up even before Sony unleashed the slimline PS3.

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Microsoft's worldwide product marketing manager for Xbox, Ryan Moore, explained the situation: “I think the decision to do this was made before their announcements last year. It's part of the natural generation of a console to refine the components and make it sleeker and quieter and all that.”

“I wouldn't say it was directly related [to the PS3 Slim].”

On sale in the UK from July 16, the Xbox 360 Slim boasts a 250GB removable hard drive as well as internal WiFi, and will cost £199.

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Link: Microsoft (via CVG)