Tech Today: Apple iPad killing economy? Google Video gone

Plus: PSP beats 3DS again, iPhone 4 rules Flickr

The choice nuggets of tech news from an interesting weekend in the world of gadgets...

The Apple iPad and Steve Jobs have been blamed for hitting a lot of tech companies in the pocket, but harming the economy in general? That seems a bit far-fetched, but it's the view of U.S. Congressman who Jesse Jackson Jnr who reckons that because you can download books and newspapers onto your iPad it harms American jobs at bookstores and publishing firms. So, one of America's most illustrious and iconic brands, up there with Coca-Cola and Ford is actually harming the economy? We're glad we write about tech, politics is just way too confusing.
Link: Business Insider

Google Video RIP: Remember when Google Video was going to wipe the floor with YouTube? Well Google sort of gave up on that idea and just bought YouTube instead. Google Video uploaders were sent an email this weekend explaining that the sharing portal will be shut down on April 29th and encourages them to transfer their videos onto YouTube instead. As you were.
Link: Gizmodo

Dating site has brought millions of lonely hearts together down the years, but the company is now being sued by one former member claiming she was sexually assaulted by someone she met through the site. The woman wants all would-be members to be screened to ensure they're not sexual predators.
Link: LA Times

Apple's iPhone 4 is about to become the camera most used to upload photos to Flickr. The device is about to over-take the Nikon D90, which is three years old, but the iPhone 4's feat is even more impressive when you consider it's only been around less than a year.
Link: TechCruch

Sales of the Sony PSP console have beaten those of the Nintendo 3DS in Japan for the second week in a row. The PlayStation Portable shifted 35,478 units in the land of the rising sun, while Nintendo's new handheld device only managed 32,910. A spokesperson for Sony said: "Stick that in your pipe and smoke it, Mario son". Not really, but we can always hope...