Tech Today: Apple iCloud speed, Bing hits out at Google

Plus: Harry Potter for NGP, free Xbox 360

It's the tech news that broke after you logged-off.

Bing boss goes off on Google
Google Search might still be miles ahead, but the director of biggest rival Microsoft Bing says Google's methods are failing. Stefan Weizt says that Google's algorithms no longer give users what they need from search results. According to Weizt, Bing's social search results are the way forward.
Link: Huffington Post

Glasses-less Sony 3D displays emerge
Sony has unveiled a 24-inch prototype of a glasses-less 3D display at the SID 2011 expo in LA. The LCD screens showcase a brand new display method that according to the tech-on website "have a structure where backlight for 3D images is added between an LCD panel and backlight for normal 2D images. It is possible to switch between 2D and 3D modes by lighting either of the two backlights."
Link: Tech On

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Apple's iCloud could be faster than the rest
The forthcoming Apple music-streaming service might have a leg-up on its competitors by storing portions of songs locally via iTunes. A new patent entitled "Local storage of a portion of streamed media items," has been filed by Apple. This would mean the song would start playing via iTunes before searching for it elsewhere on the internet to fill in the gaps.
Link: Apple Insider

LEGO Harry Potter to bring magic to Sony NGP
One of the first titles to arrive for Sony's Next Generation Portable handheld console will be Hogwarts' own Harry Potter. LEGO Harry Potter years 5-7 is one of the first title to be confirmed, while Activision has teased that a version of Call of Duty will also be available as Sony attempts to give the PSP a rebirth.
Link: Independent

Microsoft offers a back-to-school deal with a twist
One sure fire way to fail your university degree is to buy an Xbox 360 shortly before you start classes. Well Microsoft is here to help. If you're a college student in the US and you buy a new Windows 7 PC, you'll get a free Xbox 360 4GB. Professors around the country are shaking their heads in dismay.
Link: Microsoft

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