Royal Mail launches intelligent stamps for iPhone app

Scanning the stamp will bring up exclusive content

Bringing snail mail back with tech.

Royal Mail are hoping to encourage email-obsessed smartphone owners to use the not-so-trusty red post boxes more often by launching interactive stamps for use with an iPhone and Android application.

Scanning the new stamps, using the free Juniao application will launch exclusive content from the Royal Mail channel in the phone's browser.

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The first set of stamps to feature the new tech will be a depiction of Great British Railways, featuring a short film and a poem commissioned by Royal Mail.

The company hopes to attract a modern audience and bring stamps back to the public eye once more.

It's a cool idea, although at 41p for a first class stamp, constant threats of strike action and the uncertainty of whether your letter's actually going to get there, it's going to take a little more than a video and a poem for us to ditch email just yet.

Link: Royal Mail (via V3)