iPhone App News: Google+ app gets instant photo uploads

Taking on iCloud on its home turf and matching the Android offering

Google has updated the iOS app for its social network by adding an instant upload feature for photos and videos

Google+ for iOS devices has been updated with an instant photo and video upload service previously only available on the Android client.

The social network's latest improvement for its iPhone, iPad and iPod touch app will automatically upload anything you record with the device's camera and make the photos instantly accessible over all of your devices.

Photos and videos will remain private, by default, until you decide whether you want to make them public.

The instant upload service gives Google+ another tangible use and puts the social network in direct competition with Apple's own iCloud service, which performs similar functionality through the Photo Stream element of the cloud storage solution.

However, Photo Stream pics are only online for the first 30 days and Google+ includes video and the opportunity for cross platform sharing with Android devices also. There is a maximum resolution for photos though, which means that those lovely snaps captured on the iPhone 4S' 8-megapixel camera won't be uploaded at full resolution.

If you're making it your new social network of choice make sure you follow T3 on Google+

Via: Mashable