iPad gets Mac Classic makeover

Retro doc will have Apple fans in a tizzy

New mod takes old school Apple machine and combines it with best-selling tablet.

Bought an iPad? Weighing up getting a dock so you don’t need to hunch over it and do your back a mischief? Then look no further. This Mac Classic mod is the business and means Apple fanboys can get the best of the old and new schools.

The idea is simple: the Mac Classic has had an iPad-shaped hole cut in the side, allowing the tablet to slip inside for your viewing pleasure.

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There are issues, however. You can’t access the home button, so getting back to the front page means lifting the iPad out from its slot. Still, we’re smitten with this mash-up and reckon Apple needs to sanction an official version, stat.

Sadly, being a mod this is a one-off. But if you’ve got a spare Mac Classic lying about, or can find one lurking on eBay, at least now you know what to do.

Via Ubergizmo