HTC will give all Android phones 5GB of Dropbox storage

Originally just new and upcoming handsets, now current phones as well

Phone companies try and think about innovative new ways of bringing in customers, whether it's through free music downloads or map-based services, for HTC its cloud storage

HTC has confirmed that it will be offering 5GB of free Dropbox storage to all Android HTC phones, whether it's a new handset or an older model. This means users will be able to access information that's stored on their computer anywhere.

At present Google syncs your contacts, email account and calendar information, however what Dropbox lets you do is potentially transfer files quickly and easily to a computer with a Dropbox storage folder from your smartphone wherever you are.

HTC had originally made a statement that they'd only be allowing this function for new and upcoming HTC phones with Android, however its been reported that HTC has tweeted that all HTC Android Phones will get the same functionality.

“We’re proud to announce that we’ve partnered with @Dropbox, bringing 5GB of storage to all of our #Android phones.”

This will no doubt be passed on to the upcoming HTC phones which will inevitably run Android latest OS Ice Cream Sandwich, yet to be released.

Do you have a Android HTC phone, will you be using Dropbox? Let us know your thoughts via the comments box below...

Source: Geeky Gadgets, HTC