HTC Incredible S: pre-order one now

Carphone Warehouse deal means you could have Incredible S by this weekend

MWC big hitter up for grabs less than two weeks after its unveiling.

Carphone Warehouse has thrown open the virtual doors on pre-orders for the spanking new HTC Incredible S, with the killer 4-incher shipping on 26 February if you get your order in early enough.


HTC Incredible S

Source: T3 Tech Videos

Make a beeline for Carphone Warehouse’s official site now if you’re keen. If you’d rather wait, the Incredible S will be on general release on Thursday 3 March at over 800 Carphone Warehouse and Best Buy stores.

The Incredible S is the international version of the awesome HTC Incredible, released in the States early last year. The new effort packs in a Snapdragon processor, 720p video, 8 megapixel camera and Android 2.2. The latter is due to be upgraded ‘soon’ according to HTC, but don’t hold your breath after seeing how long it took the Taiwanese to boost the Android software on their phones last year.

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