HP Slate 8 leaks as Windows 8 business tablet

Windows 8 tablet hits the web with a 10.1-inch multitouch display, stylus and impressive battery

HP Slate 8 Windows 8 tablet hits the web well ahead of launch as a business-centric device set to run Microsoft's next-generation operating system

With Microsoft set to host an official Windows 8 release date later in the year, newly leaked images have seemingly outed an upcoming Windows 8 business tablet from HP.

Hitting the web months ahead of the claimed device’s expected unveiling, the leaked HP tablet has appeared alongside a hearty specs list that has suggested the next-generation of Windows innards will line up alongside a 10 hour battery life.

The HP Slate 8, which has appeared courtesy of a selection of press materials, is tipped to line up at a minimalist 9.2mm thick and just 680g in weight with the 10.1-inch multitouch touchscreen interface to be further bolstered by the inclusion of a digital pen stylus.

With the Windows 8 operating system tipped for launch in the latter half of the year, the prematurely outed HP Slate 8 could well feature as one of the first devices to run the PC, tablet and smartphone bridging software.

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Via: ZDNet