Google celebrates ZX Spectrum and St George in new doodle

Search giant recognises dragon-slaying patron saint and console's 30th birthday

Google commemorates a parr of English legends on St George's Day. The dragon-slayer himself and the ZX Spectrum, which brought computers into many homes for the first time 30 years ago.

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Today's Google doodle may stir a little bit of good old-fashioned patriotism in the loins of T3's English readers as it honours a man who slayed a dragon and the pioneering home computer which allowed us to do it from the comfort of our living rooms.

The doodle on the homepage depicts the patron saint of England, St George taking on the fabled fire-breathing dragon of legend on his annual day of remembrance designed in graphics reminiscent of the 8-bit ZX Spectrum games console, which is also celebrating its 30th birthday.

The St George's Day picture links to the ZX Spectrum's search results page.

The computer, created by English entrepreneur Clive Sinclair arrived in 1982, pioneered the home computer and remains one of the UK's most prevalent contributions to the industry.

With iconic games like Frogger, R-Type, Rebel Star and Chuckie Egg among the 23,000 titles released for the £125 device, it was also an introduction to home video gaming for many Brits, where the Spectrum maintained the majority of its following despite more advanced competition from Commodore and Amstrad.

Via: Guardian