Chrome OS out this year, vows Google

Beta software primed but ChromeBooks unlikely

Google had pegged new OS for full release by end of 2010.

Google remains adamant that Chrome OS will be released in 2010, with the search giant confirming to TechCrunch that the netbook-friendly system will be out by the end of the year as planned.

However, it seems that rather than landing on a series of so-called ChromeBooks, the iOS rival more likely show up as a software beta, ahead of a string of gadgets packing the tech in 2011. When pressed on the matter, Google said, “We’re not getting into details at this point.”

While Google looks set to hit its target of a 2010 release for Chrome OS, there’s no denying that this is a blow, as it had been expected to be up and running and in the wild by now.

When asked about Chrome OS recently, Eric Schmidt said that it should not be seen as an iPad rival. Instead, it should be seen as an OS for products with keyboards, while Android should be viewed as a touchscreen alternative. Whether gadget makers see it that way remains to be seen.

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Via TechCrunch