Apple HDTV release incoming as 1080p Full HD movies leak

Apple to offer Full HD movies on iTunes this year?

Apple HDTV is expected to launch in September after leaks suggested it is to begin offering Full HD 1080p movie downloads on iTunes

Apple is to up the quality of its downloadable content and offer Full HD 1080p movies for download from the iTunes store ahead of the launch of Apple HDTV later this year, new reports have claimed.

Quoting “people familiar with the matter” Apple blog AppleInsider has claimed that a number of feature films will hit iTunes later this year available in Full HD form with a 1920 x 1080p resolution.

“A handful of feature films being submitted to the iTunes Store for a release in the September and October timeframe are being sent with documentation for an optional 1920x1080 resolution,” the sources have claimed.

Currently available in standard definition forms at 480p and HD at 720p, Apple has long been criticised for offering sub-Full HD content be it by digital download or via the lack of Blu-ray player in all Mac and MacBook devices.

Looking to turn Apple’s already hefty offering of expected September arrivals, AppleInsider has suggested that Cupertino firm is working on a new Apple TV unit capable of support the 1080p content playback being touted. Expected to land a year after the current model’s arrival, the mooted Apple HDTV set is to replace the current A4 processing chip with the faster, dual-core A5 model.

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Via: AppleInsider