Walmart Deal: 1/3 off this Xiaomi Mi Box S Android TV Box

The deal also includes a $10 Vudu credit

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(Image credit: Xiaomi)

Another smart home deal form Walmart, in response to the massive deals going on over at Amazon Prime Day at the moment. With so many great deals to choose form, it is really difficult to keep your wallet closed even just for a short period of time. Just when you think 'I've seen it all', one of the retailers comes out with another bonkers offer. Not complaining though.

Take for example this Xiaomi Mi Box S 4K Android deal, now $20 off at Walmart. For just under $40, it's a real bargain and a must for everyone who wants to watch thousands of TV  channels. So everyone on Earth i guess?

The Mi Box S is powered by Android 8.1 so you can enjoy all your favorite streaming services, let it be Netflix, VUDU, YouTube, Spotify, SlingTV and more (thousands, actually).

Thanks to Chromecast, you can screen mirror wirelessly from your smartphone to the big screen and calls or text messages won't interrupt the picture either. You can also quickly access all your entertainment needs using the built-in Google Assistant feature. Just press the button on your remote and use the remote's mic to ask questions or to control connected smart devices in your home.

The Xiaomi Mi Box S also supports 4K Ultra HD playback and steaming, giving you a lifelike experience (your TV needs to be able to play 4K content though).

The Xiaomi Mi Box S now 1/3 at Walmart, check it out today!


Xiaomi Mi Box S 4K HDR Android TV | Now $39.99 | Was $59.99 | Save $20
Access 3000+ channels and apps using the Xiaomi Mi Box S. Supports 4K Ultra HD content and fast and reliable rendering thanks to the quad-core processor. Comes with built-in Google assistant and Chromecast. 1/3 off at Walmart for a limited time only!

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