The best Sony PS5 Media Remote Black Friday deals of the day

No Sony PlayStation 5 is complete without the PS5 Media Remote, now with Black Friday deals

Sony PlayStation 5 PS5 Media Remote Black Friday deals 2020
(Image credit: Sony)

We're incredibly excited about Sony's PlayStation 5 at T3 for a load of reasons, the main one being that it's absolutely amazing and we love it. The console itself is sleek and powerful, and all those exclusives. But no PS5 is complete without Sony's PS5 Media Remote, which has some good Black Friday deals and discounts.

The PS5 Media Remote works exactly how you'd expect: without leaving the comfort of your sofa (or bed), you can control the PS5 and select content from all of the great streaming services that are available. Above and beyond that, you can also control your TV, like switching it on and turning the volume up or down.

It might not seem like the craziest of inventions, but trust us, the PS5 Media Remote will come in handy a lot, especially as the winter evenings draw in and curling up with a good movie or TV show is all we have to do.

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