Sony PS5 games lineup preps fresh assault on Xbox Series X

A "compelling lineup of titles" is coming soon, after Sony breaks silence on PS5 reveal

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Noted games journalist Jeff Grubb first mentioned the PS5's June 4 reveal date on a forum, along with "a whole slate of games". We're not quite sure what's about to be revealed, but we would expect the console's final design to be unveiled, alongside a host of games such as Godfall, Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Outriders and more.  

Now, we have further confirmation this will be the case, as Sony itself reportedly announced its intention to debut its roster of titles during a corporate strategy meeting. Trusted leakster Nibellion took to their Twitter account to break the news, writing the following:

"Just announced at the Sony Corporate Strategy Meeting: "We plan to introduce a compelling lineup of titles [for PS5] soon".

Check out the tweet in full below:

Given we've already heard PS5 is prepping a "slate of games" for June 4, this provides further weight to the news. Xbox' third-party gameplay livestream generated a lacklustre response, with gamers criticising the lack of actual play footage compared to the frequency of cinematics.

With Microsoft now on the back foot, now is the perfect time for Sony to release a big PS5 reveal, featuring a line-up of launch titles. With mere months to go until the PS5's predicted "holiday 2020" release date, developers are sure to have some footage in the bag.

Of course, this reveal is highly anticipated because we've seen very little from the Sony camp: a tech-heavy presentation by lead system architect Mark Cerny may have been aimed at developers, but did little to satisfy gamers' craving for news.  Shortly after, Sony released a look at the PS5's new DualSense controller, the high-tech replacement for Sony's long-standing DualShock series. 

PS5 DualSense

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We've also had a tiny glimpse of gameplay running live on a PS5: Epic Games has released a gorgeous-looking tech demo using its Unreal Engine 5. 

Although this is not a real game and the Unreal Engine 5 is coming to both Xbox Series X and PS5 in addition to PC, it nonetheless whets the appetite seeing what a real PS5 is capable of. We'll surely see more on June 4.

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