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Amazon Prime Day 2020: date and best deals to expect

Prime Day 2020 has been delayed. Here's what you need to know about Amazon Prime Day this year!

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Amazon Prime Day, one of the biggest shopping days of the year next to Black Friday, has been surrounded by uncertainty this year thanks in part to certain economic events. With the Coronavirus scare, many navigated straight to Amazon's home page to start stocking up on necessary goods for the coming months.

For a time, Amazon was so swamped that it had to de-prioritize shipments that weren't high demand goods. Everyone got what they ordered of course, but this added a flurry of delays and other issues Amazon had to pivot around.

One of those obstacles – Amazon Prime Day – was looming just around the corner. With shoppers ordering much needed supplies in bulk and fulfillment centers playing catch up, Amazon knew what they had to do.

Earlier this year, Amazon announced to the masses that Amazon Prime Day 2020 would be delayed indefinitely. It hit many shoppers hard as one of the biggest sales events of the year was now supposedly not going to happen. It also left a lot of questions unanswered as to just what would happen to Amazon's big day and the retailers who would participate.

Thankfully, just a few weeks ago Amazon announced that Amazon Prime Day is indeed back on for 2020. Originally, Amazon suggested a late 3rd quarter, early 4th quarter start date. That has now been confirmed as being October 13, 2020.

Based off that information, Amazon Prime Day 2020 will have to compete with the biggest sales event of the year – Black Friday. While this may not sound like a huge problem for shoppers, it's causes some dilemmas for both deal hunters and retailers alike.

With two of the biggest deal days of the year falling within two months of each other, just which sale should you wait for to get that new piece of tech you've been saving up for all year? Amazon Prime Day AND Black Friday both bring some of the best deals of the year on thousands of products. Having both sales back to back may introduce some issues.

1) Budgeting properly for Amazon Prime Day 2020

Black Friday deals usually offer the largest selection of product categories on sale. Everything from electronics to clothing goes on sale during Black Friday, offering shoppers the widest selection of deals to choose from.

Amazon Prime Day deals will be more focused, usually around Amazon devices and other hot products of the season. If you're hoping to catch a good deal on a Fire TV Stick or brand new Echo Dot, on sale, Amazon Prime Day will be the sale you'll want to hold out for.

That'll mean budgeting properly for both Amazon Prime Day deals as well as Black Friday deals. Start identifying which products you'll hold for Prime Day sales and which hold save for Amazon's Black Friday deals. Keep an eye out on what deals Amazon is looking to have on Amazon Prime Day, you'll start to see more news on those soon!

2) Knowing when to buy on Amazon Prime Day 2020

There are going to be hundreds – if not thousands – of deals happening during Amazon Prime Day, and each one will be more tempting than the last. You'll have to trust your gut on when to pull the trigger on a sale.

There are some great apps out there that'll help you identify if the current deals price is on par with past sales, and can help guide you to a smarter purchase with previous pricing statistics. CamelCamelCamel is excellent for this, as it provides complete pricing transparency on items over the course of their sales life.

Was what you were looking for cheaper last year? Is it at the cheapest price it's been all year? CamelCamelCamel answers those questions and more, making deal hunters absolute machines when it comes to saving the most money.

Good deals will be available both days, though, so if you miss out on Amazon Prime Day you'll still find a great deal during Black Friday. A good rule of thumb for any deal hunter out there, though, is to keep Amazon Prime Day focused on specific products you may want on sale. Black Friday deals will be the best time to find just about anything on sale.

When is Amazon Prime Day 2020?

Amazon Prime Day has now been confirmed as starting on 13 October, 2020. The specific day it starts was first revealed by US news site CNET, who confirmed the date as well as the fact that Amazon has already blacked out holiday time for all its warehouse workers from the 13th right through to the 20th.

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon's official 'day' of deals and steals, Prime Day is actually a two day deal extravaganza that brings some of the best deals on our favorite products. From Amazon devices to popular tech, clothing, home decor, and more, Prime Day deals can save you some big money – if your patient enough.

Is Amazon doing Prime Day this year?

Yes. Amazon officially confirmed earlier this year that indeed Amazon Prime Day 2020 would be delayed until further notice, leaving shoppers in the dark as to when – or if – Prime Day would even happen. We now know, though, that the delayed Amazon Prime Day is taking place on 13 October, 2020.

Is Amazon Prime Day 2020 postponed?

Yes. Shoppers need not worry as Amazon has confirmed that Prime Day 2020 is still a go, albeit at a later time than Amazon Prime Day 2019. Usually falling around mid-July, Amazon Prime Day is the largest sale of the summer but this year that's all set to change.

The Amazon Prime Day date is now confirmed as October 13, 2020. This'll make the holiday sales even more interesting, as Black Friday usually wears the crown as the biggest sale of the holiday season.

With two of the largest sales of the year falling within three months of each other, shoppers will have to choose between Amazon Prime Day or Black Friday to save.

Amazon Prime Day deals and what to expect...

As one of the largest sales of the year, shoppers will have a bevy of deals to save with. Last year, all of Amazon's hottest devices received major discounts and we can expect the same of Prime Day 2020.

This year, you can expect more products on sale than ever before! While we don't have the official list of Prime Day deals just yet, you can already browse today's best deals at Amazon or head on over to Amazon Prime Day 2020's landing page to get a head start on deals as soon as they drop.

Amazon Prime Day news and updates

September 19 – With Black Friday just over a month away from this years Amazon Prime Day, just what is going to be different between the two sales? Head over to our Amazon Black Friday deals guide for what to expect from Amazon's Black Friday sale!

September 17 – Prime Day-beating deals are already happening at Amazon, with select Amazon Devices on sale right now. You'll find deals on Fire TV Stick, Echo Dot's, and a whole lot more. There's a killer deal going on with the Amazon Fire TV Stick today, with a nice 25% discount on the standard Fire TV Stick.

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