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Amazon Prime Day 2020: date and best deals to expect

Prime Day 2020 has been delayed. Here's what you need to know about this year's Amazon Prime Day!

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Amazon Prime Day brings Prime Members some of the best deals at Amazon and just like Amazon Prime Day 2019, Amazon Prime Day 2020 is expected to be a day of deals like no other.

Not just the best time to find deals on Amazon devices, Amazon Prime Day is a site-wide event that discounts thousands of products across hundreds of categories. From smart home products to clothing, electronics, TVs, and more, Prime Day is a deal hunters paradise rife with savings.

As one of the largest sales of the year, Prime Day deals will offer some of the biggest discounts next to Black Friday. There's just one question that Amazon has unfortunately left us in the dark on so far – when is Amazon Prime Day exactly?

With this year being one of the wildest rides we've ever been on, Amazon had to make some adjustments to their big day. Shoppers can still expect Prime Day 2020 to happen, but when is still up in the air.

No matter the date, T3 will be covering Amazon Prime Day 2020 from start to finish! We'll be bringing you some of the best deals during Prime Day as soon as the big day kicks off, making sure you catch the biggest sale of the year whenever Amazon decides to get the ball rolling on Prime Day 2020.

When is Amazon Prime Day 2020

Amazon Prime Day 2020 is expected to happen sometime around early October, with reports from CNBC suggesting a start date of October 5th. All Amazon has confirmed so far, though, is that shoppers should expect Prime Day to happen "later than usual".

During a recent earnings call on July 20th, Amazon shared more information about the titular sales day that all but confirmed a fourth quarter start date. This makes the October 5th date CNBC suggests even more likely to be the official start date, but until Amazon confirms this any and all other info surrounding Amazon Prime Day 2020 should be taken with a grain of salt.

What is Amazon Prime Day

Amazon's official 'day' of deals and steals, Prime Day is actually a two day deal extravaganza that brings some of the best deals on our favorite products. From Amazon devices to popular tech, clothing, home decor, and more, Prime Day deals can save you some big money – if your patient enough.

Is Amazon doing Prime Day this year

Amazon officially confirmed earlier this year that indeed Amazon Prime Day 2020 would be delayed until further notice, leaving shoppers in the dark as to when – or if – Prime Day would even happen.

Thankfully, Amazon has confirmed that Prime Day will indeed be happening sometime in the forth quarter of this year. This doesn't technically give us the exact start date, though, but it lends even more evidence to support a potential October 5th starting date.

Is Amazon Prime Day 2020 postponed

Shoppers need not worry as Amazon has confirmed that Prime Day 2020 is still a go, albeit at a later time than Amazon Prime Day 2019. Usually falling around mid-July, Amazon Prime Day is the largest sale of the summer but this year that's all set to change.

Amazon confirmed recently that Prime Day 2020 would be pushed back to the fourth quarter of the year, with a potential of launching sometime between October and December. This'll make the holiday sales even more interesting, as Black Friday usually wears the crown as the biggest sale of the holiday season.

With two of the largest sales of the year falling within three months of each other, shoppers will have to choose between Amazon Prime Day or Black Friday to save.

Amazon Prime Day deals and what to expect...

As one of the largest sales of the year, shoppers will have a bevy of deals to save with. Last year, all of Amazon's hottest devices received major discounts and we can expect the same of Prime Day 2020.

This year, you can expect more products on sale than ever before! While we don't have the official list of Prime Day deals just yet, you can already browse today's best deals at Amazon or head on over to Amazon Prime Day 2020's landing page to get a head start on deals as soon as they drop.

Amazon Prime Day news and updates

September 17 – Prime Day-beating deals are already happening at Amazon, with select Amazon Devices on sale right now. You'll find deals on Fire TV Stick, Echo Dot's, and a whole lot more. There's a killer deal going on with the Amazon Fire TV Stick today, with a nice 25% discount on the standard Fire TV Stick.

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