Best video game easter eggs

T3 salutes the finest gaming Easter egg efforts

Video game easter eggs quite simply are game developers having a bit fun. Here's our pick of the best in-game jokes that we had to work really hard to find...

We've never made a video game before, but we can imagine it consumes a lot of hours. A lot of time spent in a darkened room staring at a computer screen.

That is of course ample time for programmers to have a little bit of fun with their work, much in the same way we decide to send a funny email around work when the spreadsheets become too much. We'd like to think that the video game easter egg was born a little something like this, rewarding the most ardent gamers with an inside joke, or clever reference to a sci-fi movie classic.

Thousands of them exist, but we've decided to pick seven of our favourite video game easter eggs we were happy to hunt for.

1/ GTA San Andreas

Rockstar decided to go a little bit leftfield laying this one for gamers, which only the most dedicated GTA gamers were most likely to hunt out.

2/ X-Men Origins Wolverine

Plane crashes, strangers stranded, six seasons and we still didn't know what happened to Walt. The massive worldwide TV hit is paid homage to in a game that was way better than the film.

3/ Earthworm Jim

Perhaps proving inspiration for the GTA effort up top, the SNES classic required hitting a button configuration that spelt out YABBAYABBA in pause mode. Cue programmer Nick Jones sporting a variety wacky hairstyles.

4/ Gran Turismo 4

GT has always been about the slick rides, so for those who were fans of the most luxrious motors on the planet with a lick of black paint, if you made it on to game day 694, you could get your hands on a series of secret black cars to ride into the night.

5/ Left4Dead 2

The first person shooter served up the 'Gnome Chomsky' (See what they did there?) mission which required your skills to locate Gnome and then negotiate his safe return while shredding zombies into several pieces. You can see the action in the video below.

6/ Arkham Asylum

What better way to stoke the excitement of a sequel to one of the best games of 2010, by teasing gamers with what is to come. See the video below to find out where the Arkham City clues were hidden.

7/ Call of Duty: Black Ops

Last but by no means least, CoD served up one of the best Easter eggs which you could access straight from the menu screen. Call of Duty Zombie mode anyone? Here's how it's done.