Keto meal delivery makes the ketogenic diet much easier: get freshly prepared keto snacks and foods to your door

These tasty keto meal delivery options are also extremely convenient so you can stick to your new diet easier

Best keto meal plan services
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If you're thinking of trying the keto diet, you might be put off by the apparent difficulty of researching and sourcing the correct foods. But you can kick start that process with the best keto meal delivery services… and a smattering of keto supplements.

A step sideways from recipe box services, keto meal delivery subscriptions offer you an even more convenient way to sort your energy needs each day. These meals are cooked for you and only needs reheating or some light assembly. Doesn't get more convenient than this.

Needless to say, you will have to pay a premium for not having to do anything and still eat nutritious and delicious food. The cost, though, is still less than eating out in a restaurant or ordering a takeaway, which is also most likely a less healthy option anyway.

People in the US can choose from more speciality-diet meal delivery service options than those in the UK, the idea of keto meal subscriptions hasn't cottoned on just yet in the old continent.

Nevertheless, we went the extra mile and picked not only available keto meal delivery services, but also the ones that we think are the best in both countries. Let's get ketogenic!

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Best keto meal plan services

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The best keto meal delivery services

Many of the below keto meal delivery services offer 'regular' food delivery and cater for other types of diet, let it be paleo, plant-based, vegan diet or gluten free diet. Should you want to start a keto diet, however, you should stick to eating just keto meals in order not to screw up your macros.

Keto diet is a restricted one and to really make it work and effectively send your body into ketosis, you will have to stick to a high fat, moderate protein and very low carb food intake regime. No mix and match here, I'm afraid

Best keto meal plan services

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1. Fresh N Lean (US)

Fresh and lean indeed

Available options: Performance Protein+, Standard keto, Performance Paleo (Low-carb), Standard plant-based, Low-carb / Low-cal plant based
Prices from: $8.40/meal
Reasons to buy
+Performance grade plans+Both keto AND plant-based plans are available
Reasons to avoid
-Limited customisation options

Fresh N Lean stands out from the crowd due to their ability to cater for not only people on keto, but also people pursuing a more active lifestyle. All too many meal delivery services only support people who plan to lose weight but if there are a group of people famous for their 'meal-prep', it's bodybuilders.

Apart from the Performance Protein+ range – the one recommended for sportspeople – Fresh N Lean offer paleo, plant-based and keto meal options. the average macro nutrients in each meal are: approx. 450 calories, 10 grams of carbs, 35 grams of fat and 26 grams of protein.

When it comes to assembling your meals, however, you won't be given many options to customise. You can exclude up to three ingredients but apart from that, you will be given what you'll be given. Saying that, the meals are delicious and healthy, not to mention they comply with keto standards perfectly.

Also, you will have to order a week's worth of grub in one go; this means paying $150+ for each order, which might sound a lot, but if you went and ordered takeaway each night, that would cost you more, probably.

Best keto meal plan services

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2. Macro Meals (UK)

Available options: Halal, Protein Packed, Weight loss, Vegetarian, Winter warmers, Vegan, Maintenance, Muscle gain, Keto
Prices from: £5.70/meal
Reasons to buy
+Great for lifters and performance athletes+Loads of different customisation options+Pay as you go options+Nationwide coverage
Reasons to avoid
-Confusing ordering form

As the name suggests, Macro Meals' main target market is people doing resistance training but even so, they offer a wide variety of options for people on other types of diet, like keto or Halal. There are loads of different options to choose from and you can even subscribe to meals or pay as you go, too.

Talking about flexibility, you can even tweak you meals to the last minute detail, including what flabour you prefer and what vegetables you would like to include with alongside the main source of the protein.

The subscription form could be clearer, though, especially in the case of the subscriptions: it is hard to work out how to order each meal and how often will they be delivered. And that is with after choosing the frequency. The website can definitely benefit from some more user experience design.

On the upside, Macro meals delivers nationwide and not just in London, unlike quite a few meal delivery services. Probably not the remote areas but the mainland for sure.

Best keto meal plan services

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3. Factor 75 (US)

As clean as it gets

Available options: Keto, Paleo, High protein, Low calorie, Low carb, Dairy free, Spicy
Prices from: $11/meal
Reasons to buy
+Complimentary nutrition consultation+Free from all the bad stuff
Reasons to avoid

• Get 40% off your first 2 weeks' worth of order at Factor 75. No code required.

Factor 75 works like a classic meal delivery service but with much healthier food options. Their ingredients are gluten, soy, hormone, and GMO-free, as well as having zero refined sugar in them. Not to mention, the meat used in the meals is sourced from grass-fed and pasture raised animals.

You will have to pay the premium for all this goodness. The cheapest option is to go for the 18-week plan, and even then you will still have to pay $11/meal. For the money, though, you'll get the cleanest meal possible and even better, you don't have to do any cooking either, just chuck your meal in the microwave and enjoy your healthy lunch or dinner.

As mentioned above, please bear in mind that although it is possible to mix and match pale and keto dishes in your order, if you want to follow a keto diet, stick to the keto variety only.

Best keto meal plan services

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4. Love Yourself (UK)

Not that way, though

Available options: Balanced diet, Vegetarian, Gluten free, Office lunch, Keto, Performance
Prices from: £21/meal
Reasons to buy
+Good range of options+Compatible with MyFitnessPal+Can order on a weekly basis
Reasons to avoid
-Only deliver in Greater London

Love Yourself has a keto plan, for sure. It is also its more expensive meal option, too. For the price, you can choose from a 1700 and a 3200-calorie option and when it comes to value for money, the 3200-calorie comes out on top: the former is £129 er week while the latter is £149 for the same period. So, if you are on keto and are planning on bulking up, Love Yourself should be your go-to option.

It might look expensive but for the price, you'll get a whole day's worth of food, which is pretty good. An average daily keto food plan looks something like this:

Breakfast - Smoked mackerel pate with cauliflower keto roll
Snack  - Coconut pudding
Lunch - Grilled chicken breast with courgettes in creamy sauce
Dinner - Cherry tomatoes and avocado bake

Well rounder and delicious sounding, if you ask us! Even the macro numbers add up: you get roughly 15% carbs, 30% protein and 55% fat. and since you won;t have to snack on stuff anymore because you are given four meals a day, you are more likely to stick to your new diet.

Best keto meal plan services

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5. KbK (UK)

Formerly know as Kettlebell Kitchen

Available options: Get lean, Stay lean, Build, Office, Lunch, Vegetarian, Plant based, Student, Macro
Prices from: £6.38/meal
Reasons to buy
+Good for both lifters and people on weight loss plan+Student-friendly
Reasons to avoid
-Macro plan is way expensive-No pay as you go option

KbK started off as a more fitness-oriented business but was tamed in the last few years and now offer a good variety of options, not just for lifters. Saying that, their main plans are still called 'get lean', 'stay lean' and 'build', referring to the three stages of bodybuilding: losing fat, building muscle and maintaining muscle mass.

This shouldn't come as a surprise but KbK meals are not cheap: the least expensive option is the 'lunch' plan which has around 500 calories in it and cost £7.5/meal (RRP). Thankfully, KbK often has special offers going on its website so you can shave some of the cost off if you are lucky.

If you would like to go full keto with KbK, you will have to choose the 'macro' plan, so you can adjust the macro content of the meals to match the requirements of the keto diet. But since it is a special option on the website, you will have to enquire with KbK first. Not the most convenient way to order keto, but an option nevertheless.