The best home office storage solutions

Keep your clutter organised with these home office storage solutions

The best home office storage solutions

Ever feel as though your office is getting smaller? Like you’re sat at your desk and suddenly you’re really conscious that you’re being honed in by boxes of files, stacks of books and free stationary that you’ve collected from countless trade shows and business meetings? Sound like your office? Perhaps it’s time to invest in a decent storage solution. 

Whether you’re entirely practical and don’t like to stray outside the lines, or you’ve got a quirky home office design theme going on that you want to complement, home office storage solutions come in all shapes and sizes so there’s plenty of potential for you invest in a product that’s right for you. 

The most obvious home office storage solutions are cupboards, drawers and shelves, so thinking about the kinds of things that you want to organise will help you to decide on the best solution for you. Books that you have to refer to several times a day may benefit from a shelving unit, while boxes of supplies and stationary can be put in a cupboard away from view. 

Our list features a range of practical and quirky storage solutions from the likes of John Lewis, Habitat, Wayfair and Made. While John Lewis and Wayfair are the places to go for a home office storage solutions that are both stylish and practical, products from Made and Habitat are a little bit outside the box, and are great places to go if you’re looking for a quirky, stylistic feature for your home office. 

The guys over at Real Homes have put together a guide to help you create the perfect home office; so make sure you check it out if you’re just starting out and you’re stuck on ideas. In the meantime, here’s our guide to the best home office storage solutions. 

1. Tingo Black Metal Single Zigzag Shelving Unit

Starting off quirky, check out this funky shelving unit

Best for: Eye-catching
Material: Metal
Dimensions: W90cmxH188cmxD45cm
Type: Bookcase
Reasons to buy
+4 shelves+Sturdy metal design
Reasons to avoid
-3rd shelf for books only 

A regular shelving unit runs the risk of looking a little regimented but this zigzag shelf does a good job of making things interesting. There’s 4 shelves, 3 of which are level so you’re free to pop anything you want on them, whether it’s an award you’ve been looking to showcase or a stationary pot. 

The wonky 3rd shelf is specifically designed for books, with a helpful barrier blocking them from slipping off. Coming fully assembled, this shelving unit is good to go from the start, making it the ultimate convenience buy for busy business people. 

2. Polo 2 Door Storage Cabinet

Keep large items stashed away in this hefty storage solution

Best for: Storing bulky items
Material: MDF
Dimensions: H189cmxW70cmxD34cm
Type: Storage cabinet
Reasons to buy
+5 storage shelves+3 shelves are adjustable
Reasons to avoid
-Could be a bit obtrusive on space

With its tall presence, it may make space feel a bit confined if your home office is particularly small but for your average room, this wardrobe-esque storage cabinet provides ample space for you to stash away clutter that you would rather forget about. 

There are five shelves in total, great for creating organised shelving systems and three adjustable shelves, so you’ll have no problem storing bulky files or boxes. With its eye pleasing white exterior, this is the perfect item for both modern and traditional home offices. 

3. Marcell Sideboard

Cupboard space, drawers and shelf unit in one

Best for: Practical storage
Material: Metal, MDF
Dimensions: H60cmxW160cmxD41cm
Type: Sideboard
Reasons to buy
+Multiple solutions in one+Fuss-free design
Reasons to avoid
-Matt grey finish seen as stylish or dull

Featuring ample cupboard space with an internal shelving unit, three drawers and the option to park things on top of the unit, this is a practical storage solution, whether you’re looking to organise files, boxes or junk you’ll end up forgetting about. 

Easy access items can be placed on top of the unit and if you end up spilling something on it, Made says it’s easy to wipe clean, handy if you’re messiness manifests itself in multiple ways. With its matt grey exterior, it’s up to you to decide whether it’s stylish or dull; we just know one thing’s for sure – it’s great for storage. 

4. Workstation Fredde

For a home office workstation by day, gamestation by evening

Best for: Desk storage
Material: Steel
Dimensions: H146cmxW185cmxD74cm
Type: Desk
Reasons to buy
+Space for two monitors+Plenty of shelf space
Reasons to avoid
-Practicality over style

The entirely practical desk provides ample solutions for keeping everything neat and tidy, whether it’s a shelf for your monitor, a dedicated place for speakers or hooks for your headphones. 

The desk also features a top shelf, which is the perfect place to plonk stationary or easily accessible items. This desk has the potential to become a fully fledged gaming station too, which is great if your office space becomes a downtime den in the evening. 

5. Bisley 3 Drawer Filing Cabinet

Take your pick from a range of colours with this stylish yet practical solution

Best for: Filing
Material: Metal
Dimensions: H101.5cmxW47cmxD62cm
Type: Filing cabinet
Reasons to buy
+Variety of colours available+3 large drawers
Reasons to avoid
-Only for filing

Every home office needs a filing cabinet, but you don’t need to follow the crowd and buy a boring grey one, no matter how essential it is. With colours including Cassis, Duck Egg and Ink there’s plenty of scope for you to purchase one that contributes to the overall appearance of your home office. 

The drawers themselves come supplied with metal card holders so you can keep things neatly arranged, while the open close action has been optimised for easy and efficient use. It’s also worth mentioning the locking feature, which means you can keep your filing systems away from potential sneaks. 

6. House by John Lewis Anton Leaning Bookcase

With 5 shelves, this compact unit is perfect for organising files and books

Best for: Books
Material: Bentwood/MDF
Dimensions: H193cmxW70cmxD41cm
Type: Bookcase
Reasons to buy
+Keep books and files categorised by shelf+Compact
Reasons to avoid
-Top shelf is high up 

If you’ve got piles of books lying around, this leaning bookcase is the perfect solution. With a width of 70cm, it’s wider than it appears in the pictures, but it’s small footprint means it won’t take up much in the way of floor space. 

There are five shelves so you can create your own categorisation system if required, or you have the freedom to mix things up and use some of the shelves as a home for ornaments if you’re looking to give your office a personalised touch. With a height of 193cm, it’s a tall one, but handy if you’re looking to get the most out of your storage solution.