Cherry Tree Furniture executive recline office chair review

Cherry Tree Furniture’s Executive Recline Office Chair is a pleasingly padded office chair in black faux leather that looks the business

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Cherry Tree Furniture executive recline office chair review
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Cherry Tree Furniture’s Executive Recline Office Chair looks more like it belongs in The Apprentice than The Office. It’s a serious choice for an employee who wants a comfortable chair while looking powerful during a Zoom call. It’s an obvious ‘office furniture choice’ rather than blending into a nook in the home.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Comfortable padding

  • +

    Recline option

  • +

    360-degree swivel and wheels

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Large and very ‘office’

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If you're shopping for one of the best office chairs to outfit your home office working environment then focussing on seating first is a very smart move.

Here at T3 we'd argue that a good office chair is the most important part of any home office, even more so than the desk or table upon which work is completed. This is because to work effectively you need to be comfortable, and that comes first and foremost via the seat you sit in.

The Cherry tree range of office chairs is well worth considering if, like so many others, you are now working more from home and you need a well-designed and comfortable chair to see you through the working day.

As far as having all the features and functions of a standard office chair, it ticks all the boxes. With its many adjustable settings, it offers the user good support and comfort, which is great for working and gaming (if you’re lucky). This office chair looks the part and compares well with other more expensive models in terms of function and appearance. It’s well finished in black PU ‘leather’, but comes flat packed and ready to assemble, which might put some busy execs off.

Considering the number of features and the standard of finish, the Cherry Tree office chair is very competitively priced and a sensible choice for want to make an upgrade from the kitchen stool to an imposing chair that will impress in Zoom calls.

Cherry Tree Furniture executive recline office chair review

(Image credit: Amazon)

Cherry Tree Furniture Executive Recline Office Chair: Features

At first glance, the Cherry Tree office recline chair looks like it’s built for business. It’s a serious chair for doing serious work. With a Matt black PU leather finish throughout and matching black stitching detail, it looks slick and professional. There are many office chairs in this price range but few are so sumptuously upholstered as this one. The seat back and armrests are also amply padded and provide a very good level of comfort, so you can kick back while you’re on the phone.

One important consideration is that while PU leather is soft and comfortable, it does not offer the breathability of mesh or the natural materials found in more expensive chairs. This could be a problem for long working sessions, especially if you’re inclined to become hot and stressed in the face of a scary deadline, Luckily, the Cherry Wood chair comes in a range of coloured fabric too, which might fit better with some people’s lifestyles and décor.

While the style of a chair is personal, everyone needs good lumbar support to encourage good posture. In order to accommodate the varying size and stature of users, it needs to have adjustable features and the Cherry Tree office chair has plenty.

It features a height-adjustable 360°swivel pneumatic seat and also has an adjustable chair back which incorporates a recline function. However, the armrests are not adjustable like with more expensive chairs. While this might be a problem if you have a particular desk in mind, the arms are set well back from the front of the chair, allowing you to draw the chair up close to the work surface and (hopefully) tuck it under a desk when it’s not in use. It might be worth checking there’s no height clash before ordering.

Cherry Tree Furniture executive recline office chair review

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Cherry Tree Furniture Executive Recline Office Chair: User reviews

The majority of customers seem more than happy with their purchase, with almost two-thirds of them giving the chair a 5-star in rating on Amazon

What impresses many people is the ease with which the chair can be adjusted to suit different tasks and working styles. While the range of adjustment on the tilting backrest generally pleases users, some mentioned that the operating button used to adjust the backrest can be quite ‘firm’ and commented on the need to push back quite hard at the same time as pressing this button in order to adjust the backrest. However, you might expect this to loosen up in time.

This chair is self-assembly and reviews of how easy it is to build do vary, but overall, most people found the chair pretty straight forward to put together with the allen key provided. One reviewer said he found the (pictorial) instructions “easy peasy to follow” which is what everyone wants from a DIY job. 

Many users commented on the chair’s comfort and its ample padding, with one user writing that it’s “exceptionally comfortable to sit on for long periods”. However, some reviewers were disappointed that over time they found the filling, especially in the seat, became uneven, resulting in uncomfortable ‘hard spots’. The lack of effective lumbar support in this chair was an issue for some people, particularly when leaning back. This means it might be best to avoid this chair if you have lower back problems. But if this isn’t a concern, most customers appreciated the generous size of the chair, the tall chair back and wide seat width making it a good option for the majority of people, particularly those who are tall.

Overall, users say this chair looks more expensive than its price tag, with one customer describing it as “real value for money and easily as comfortable as the £500+ chair I have in the office.” Kerching! 

Cherry Tree Furniture executive recline office chair review

(Image credit: Amazon)

Should you buy the Cherry Tree Furniture Executive Recline Office Chair?

This office chair is a great choice for someone who needs a comfortable chair that doesn’t break the bank. Once customer said: “Sitting in this office chair somehow makes me feel super productive, smug and raring to go” which is exactly what you want on a Monday morning.

With so many of us unsure whether we will be working from home for a while, this chair is ideal as it’s not too much of an investment. True, there are better-looking models on the market, but they come with a much higher price. If you’re happy to embrace a very traditional-looking office chair, and want to male a good impression in online meetings, this chair ticks all the boxes and if comfy to boot. 

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