Best cricket bats 2018: the ideal willow whether you be Cook-style nurdler or Buttler-like cow corner specialist

Don’t go against the grain, discover the best cricket bats that will pitch up your cricket season and bowl maidens over

the best cricket bats

With summer here and local cricket teams taking their first tremulous throws, now’s the time to invest in a new bat. While many of you may be tempted to purchase one without putting much thought into it (a bat’s a bat, right?), it’s actually worth doing a little research to ensure you’re really delivering the goods on the pitch wiht the bdest cricket bat you can afford. 

First of all, what grade do you want to go for? Those looking to impress the rest of the team with the appearance of their bat should go for grade 1 willow like the Gunn And Moore Haze Lite Bat. That’s not to say that grade 2,3 and 4 aren’t any good in terms of performance (for the most part, it’s what you do with it that matters), it just means it won’t look as sexy. 

 Those looking to get serious about cricket this season should also look at the grain of the bat, whether its suited for low, mid or high hits and if you’re really looking at every way to improve your game, pay attention to the handle as well. For more info on these hints, Sportskeeda have put together an awesome guide to buying the right cricket bat, so take a look! 

The best cricket bat

1. Kookaburra Kahuna Short Handle 600 Cricket Bat

T3's favourite cricket bat for 2018

Reasons to buy
+Premier league quality 

Made from grade three unbleached willow, the Kookaburra Kahuna is meant to offer you premier league quality and with it being the apparent preferred bat of the likes of Steven Davies and Ricky Ponting, you can’t really go wrong. It features a medium positioned sweet spot and round 12 piece Sarawak Cane Handle, should feel good in the hands, too. 

Newbery Quantum Player+ Junior Cricket Bat

2.Newbery Quantum Player+ Junior Cricket Bat

Don’t compromise on quality, even if you’re just starting out

Reasons to buy
+Grade 1 willow

If your child is in the beginning stages of their cricket career, make sure they get off on the right foot with this junior cricket bat from Newbery. Made from grade 1 willow, it’s smooth and blemish free, while the mid to high wide sweet spot and slightly bigger bow give them plenty slack when it comes to hitting the ball on point. 

Kookaburra Surge Cricket Bat

3.Kookaburra Surge Cricket Bat

Expect all the finesse of our first pick and more with this bat from Kookaburra

Reasons to buy
+Lower sweet spot for different play style

As one of the leading cricket bat designers and creators, you can expect to pay a premium price for this premium quality bat. While our top pick features a mid to high sweet spot, this one is all about the lower style of play, with a distinct toe shape, textured grip handle and stylish Kookaburra branding giving the bat the leading edge. 

Gunn And Moore Haze Lite Bat

4.Gunn And Moore Haze Lite Bat

A weightier cricket bat for juniors

Reasons to buy
+Mid to high swell for controlled power

Designed for juniors but a touch heavier than the Newbery, this is a cricket bat for those that prefer to play with some weight behind them. Made from grade 1 unbleached English willow, it’s certainly a looker, and it features a quality treble spring multi-piece cane handle which is designed to provide that ultimate feeling of flex and control. 

Amber Cricket Gear Club Cricket Bat

5.Amber Cricket Gear Club Cricket Bat

A great budget option for the village cricket season

Reasons to buy
+Also perfect for practice sessions

If you’re looking for the best bat for practice or casual play, this one from Amber has you covered. With its deep purple styling it definitely looks the part and thanks to the high quality grade 1 wood and specially designed handle, should still enable you to make the most out of your shot. With plenty of five star reviews, cementing its popularity, this is probably one of the best budget cricket bats.