Nike Pegasus 40 review: tickety-boo

The latest iteration of Nike's Pegasus franchise comes with fine-tuned ergonomics for improved comfort

Nike Pegasus 40 review
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T3 Verdict

With its redesigned mid-foot band to the updated mesh upper, the Pegasus 40 is yet another iteration of Nike's legendary-yet-affordable running shoe franchise. If you need comfortable, reliable and breathable daily trainers for walking, jogging, or running, you can't go wrong with the Peg 40.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Reliable performance

  • +

    The ultimate jack-of-all-trades daily trainers

  • +

    Keenly priced

  • +

    Improved upper allows for more breathability

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Admittedly, most changes are subtle, so if your Peg 39's are in good shape, there is no need to upgrade

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Writing this Nike Pegasus 40 review is as much of a blessing as it is a curse. I love the Nike Peg more than any other Nike running shoes, but they are like Apple Watches; changes from one iteration to the other aren't always significant enough to get excited over, which is exactly the case with the Pegasus 40.

However, I must write a review of the shoes, if, for nothing else, so more people become aware of how great the Pegasus franchise is. If you're a casual runner, who needs the best running shoes for walking, running, and anything in between, you need the Nike Pegasus 40. Simple as that.

Nike Pegasus 40 review: price and availability

The Nike Pegasus 40 was released in April 2023 and is available to buy now directly from Nike UK, Nike US and Nike AU for a recommended retail price of £115/$130/AU$190. This makes the shoes some of the best value-for-money running trainers from Nike and overall. The shoes are also available to buy from third-party retailers like

Nike Pegasus 40 review: specs

  • Weight: 242g (W8)/ 288g (M8)
  • Offset/drop: 10mm
  • Stack height: 23 mm (forefoot), 33mm (heel)
  • Price: £115/ $130/ AU$ XXX
  • Fit: Regular, Extra wide

Nike Pegasus 40 review

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Nike Pegasus 40 review: what's new?

I loved the Nike Pegasus 39 more than the Nike Pegasus 38 (I was a bit harsh with the latter in the review, I must admit). The Peg 40 builds on what made the Peg 39 good and makes the shoes more comfortable by reworking the midfoot band and the upper.

The band is said to provide a more secure but forgiving fit for all arches, while the upper's new design allows more air to enter the shoes compared to traditional sandwich mesh upper. Nike says that each upper layer is engineered individually, whatever this might mean. The foam under the collar has been increased, and Nike also reworked the internal linings and padding throughout the upper to further improve fit.

Nike Pegasus 40 review

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Nike Pegasus 40 review: fit and ergonomics

The Nike Pegasus 40 is all about comfort. Not like the Peg 39 was uncomfortable, but even so, the latest iteration provides a better fit, improved step-in comfort and a lot of room in the toe box. The shoes aren't baggy, but thanks to the redesigned upper, they are even less restrictive than they were before.

The new midfoot band disperses pressure across the upper instead of pressing down hard in the middle of the shoes. I really appreciated the updated collar design – getting in and out of the trainers is a breeze. Airflow is excellent in the shoes. Not sure what kind of dark magic Nike used to enhance the already breathable upper, but it works.

Nike Pegasus 40 review

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Nike Pegasus 40 review: running performance

Nike hasn't changed much underfoot in the Pegasus 40. It uses the same React foam and the two Air Zoom units, one under the forefoot and the other under the heel, providing a smooth, responsive ride throughout the gait cycle. At this point – this is the 40th iteration of the Pegasus, after all – Nike knows full well how to create a daily trainer that can help you move around effortlessly.

That said, what I appreciate most about the Pegasus 40 is that it doesn't force you to run in a certain way. It's not the Nike Alphafly 2 or the Nike ZoomX Streakfly, which will always make you feel like you have to go fast. No, I'm happy to run slowly in the Pegasus 40, or walk, or stand. I often wear them for work or when I need to go to the shop.

This effortless versatility makes the Nike Pegasus 40 such a brilliant running trainer. Oh, and the fact that it's so keenly priced. Running shoes aren't getting cheaper (see also: are expensive running shoes worth it?), yet here we are, the Pegasus 40 selling for only a hair more than the Peg 39, despite the improvements. That's what I like to see!

Nike Pegasus 40 review

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Nike Pegasus 40 review: verdict

The Nike Pegasus 40 might not be a revolutionary running shoe, but it's a steady evolution of a franchise that consistently puts out some of the best daily trainers for casual athletes. The Peg 40 truly is a jack-of-all-trades shoe that's comfortable, responsive and just the right amount of stylish.

The improvements in fit and ergonomics ensure the Pegasus 40 is the most comfortable iteration of the shoes yet. Breathability is better, and so is step-in comfort. Best of all, the running experience is virtually unchanged, which is a positive in this case—recommended for anyone who needs a decent pair of trainers for everyday use.

Nike Pegasus 40 review: also consider

If you're looking for a similar running shoe to the Peg 40 with a more plush feel, check out New Balanace's Fresh Foam X 1080v12. It surpasses its predecessor in every way – the shoes are more comfortable, responsive and supportive than ever before. And they look pretty cool, too. Read my full New Balance Fresh Foam X 1080v12 review.

Another plush option is ASICS' Gel-Nimbus 25. It uses a new Gel (PUREGEL), new midsole foam (FF Blast Plus ECO), new knitted upper and new outsole, making the now 25-year-old shoes feel fresher than ever. Read my full ASICS Gel-Nimbus 25 review.

Finally, I can't leave out one of my favourite running shoes from 2022, the Hoka Mach 5. It's a brilliant update over the fan-favourite Mach 4, which uses the softer and more responsive PROFLY+ foam and the stripped-back creel mesh upper—highly recommended. Read my full Hoka Mach 5 review.

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